About Us

by admin

The word, potions, may seem like dated parlance, but make no mistake, they are the cutting edge of medieval tech – well, in games and fantasy lore anyway.

But tech is tech, regardless of the era it resides. Or GPS coordinates. Everyone may have a different view towards life; the world, or Twitter trolls, but I’m sure we all share the love for clever tech in any shape or form. Much like cats, but minus the cuteness.

But unlike cats, good tech (actually) solves problems and makes life much more enjoyable.

Gamification of life

To borrow an old phrase (for those old enough to remember): Life’s a game, we’ll help you hack. At Potions, we make brews for the inner geek in you: whether you’re looking to stat boost your knowledge on the latest gadgets and technology that matter, or heal a troubled mind with some light entertainment.

We have whole chests of brews we’re working on delivering to you, such as weekly roundups of happenings around the world, reliable guides so you can save time googling for answers, as well as the usual suspects like news and reviews for gadgets, apps, and content. We’re not obligated to shill, so our opinions are balanced and introspective. And occasionally mischievous.

If you like what we do, please stick around as we have more in store. If you have a tip or feedback for us, you can reach us here . If you are a vendor or representing one and you have a pitch that we would be interested in, drop us a line here .


No spring chickens here – we’re old hats in tech who have been writing about tech and gaming for a really long time – so we actually do have an idea what we’re talking about.

Brewmaster: Justin Choo

Justin lives for gadgets, even if there isn’t a circuit board inside. From pool cues to nerf blasters to paper card stock, there’s nothing he won’t obsess about if curiosity gets the better of him. A self-professed master of useless information (his words, not ours), he has spent the greater part of 13 years writing about technology (and grumbling about it), having worked with PC Magazine, Gadget3, T3 (not the airport terminal), Stuff and NXT (not the wrestling one) among others. He has also written all manner of topics for non-tech publications like Spirited Singapore (not the ghostly kind), Active Age, and The Robb Report, to name a few. (Translation: he’ll sidetrack every conversation he is in, so watch out).

Chief Alchemist: Oo Gin Lee

As an ex-editor of national paper Digital Life, Gin Lee is more than qualified to boss the editor around. But he has more pressing things to do with the little free time he already has, like putting his already underutilised PS5 to good use. Gin Lee’s wealth of experience in journalism and law is unique and very handy in today’s virtual world where technology is obsoleting the structures of traditional rule of law and possibly even the constitution before we even realise it; making him more than qualified to talk about the thought-provoking repercussions of technology. But one more game first…

Head Brewer: “Uncle Influencer”

We persuaded him otherwise but our mysterious Uncle Influencer was adamant on using this pseudonym – he’s too young to be called an ‘uncle’, but we’d certainly agree that he’s an old soul. Also a seasoned hand in the media circle, our favourite uncle offers perspectives that are a perfect reflection of the world he lives in – fast-paced with little time to waste, because he has a kid and furkid in tow. Adulting is hard indeed. Uncle influencer still loves his tech toys but life has shaped him have little patience for excesses and frivolity. “Mr Reality Check” would have been perfect, but oh well.