A teatime promotion for Big Fish Small Fish at Suntec City

Have some light bites while you catch up on some emails.

by Ho Shu Yi

While it is rather odd to step into a Big Fish Small Fish branch and not order a fish dish, having haddock at tea time isn’t always hunky dory.

Big Fish Small Fish recently launched the Tea-Rific Timeout tea promotion, available only at the Suntec City Cafe outlet, which is decked out as a homage to their original stall in the shipping container market at Punggol. Gone is the need to jostle for seats in humid weather; now you get to enjoy a snack in air-conditioned comfort. 

The tea promotion, which is available on weekdays between 2.30 PM and 6 PM, lets you choose from a range of snacks or desserts along with a complimentary soft drink, brewed coffee or tea to go with it. You can even pick from a range of eight halal-certified ice cream flavours from the halal branch of the local brand Udders.

Nacho Cheese Tater Tots set, $8.50

The Tea-Rific Timeout tea promotions are available for 11 different dishes. You can choose from the following snacks:

  • Truffle Parmesan Cheese Fries;
  • Nacho Cheese Tater Tots;
  • Chicken Spam Fries,
  • Cheese Sticks with Pomodoro Sauce.

The starters are quite filling for one person, and certainly generous enough to be shared.

While the Pomodoro sauce was very light tasting and could certainly be thickened up, the cheese pull from the cheese sticks was very satisfying. However, if you foresee yourself enjoying a few hours in the cafe, I recommend getting the Nacho Cheese Tater Tots: the last bite is as satisfying as the first. Even with layers of nacho cheese and mayo, the structural integrity of each potato nugget holds up and stays crisp on every bite. And maintaining my illusion of eating a healthy meal is a side of greens with each starter, laced liberally with a Japanese sesame dressing.

It’s all about the pull. (Cheese Sticks with Pomodoro Sauce, $8.80)

If you just want to chow down on a croissant, packed with an assortment of ingredients, these are your options:

  • Chicken Luncheon;
  • Classic Ham & Cheese;
  • Turkey Bacon & Egg;
  • Kaya Butter Croissant.

The Turkey Bacon and Egg croissant is filled with creamy, soft scrambled eggs, chewy Turkey Bacon sandwiched in flakey layers of pastry. Do be prepared for a mess as you cut into the croissant, so sharing these can get a bit messy. As a fan of scrambled eggs, this did not disappoint and I think it works well as a brunch dish. Throw in (not literally of course) a hot mug of coffee and I have just the boost I need before I take on another piece of work.

Turkey Bacon & Egg Croissant

The Kaya Butter Croissant is a sweet treat with slabs of cold butter paired with a toasted bun; a different take from our classic breakfast set. At $4.80++, it has a price point comparable to Ya Kun’s basic toast sets.

And then there’s dessert, where you can have your choice of ice cream with:

  • Croissant;
  • Waffles;
  • Or just on its own.

Waffles are boring; try a croissant instead. (Ice Cream Croissant set, $12.90)

The combination of a warm croissant and cold ice cream is certainly novel. Drizzles of chocolate or caramel adds another layer of flavour in this decadent guilty pleasure. The highlight would definitely be the ice cream, and customers will have the choice of eight different ice creams from the halal range of flavours (Big Fish Small Fish is a Halal-certified eatery) from Udders, which changes every two months. Current flavours include Singapore Chendol, Summer Strawberries, or the classical Cookies & Cream. 

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