Bosch cooks up enticing recipes with its new Series 8 smart ovens

Announced by Bosch at IFA 2023 back in early September 2023, the latest connected Series 8 ovens are now available in Singapore.

by Potions

Bosch has been Singapore’s number one oven brand for two consecutive years and is fully prepared to score a hat-trick in 2023 with the latest update to its intelligent Series 8 Ovens, which will enable home chefs to cook up a storm. The 2023 Series 8 Ovens were unveiled at the massive IFA 2023 Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin, Germany, and are now available in Singapore, exclusively at the UnserHaus Experience Centre.

Previous editions of the Series 8 ovens introduced internet connectivity, steam cooking, air frying and the Perfect RoastPlus thermometer. For 2023, Bosch added Artificial Intelligence to the recipe for more intelligent automation. Thanks to the Home Connect App, serving a meal cooked just ‘right’, be it an immaculate medium rare lamb roast or perfectly steamed pandan cake, is just a few clicks away.

For the launch event, Bosch Home Singapore presented a 30-minute cooking demonstration by Chef Joseph Yeo to showcase each feature of the new Series 8 ovens and using fresh, unprepared ingredients to show how simple, easy and fast this new Bosch oven is to make tasty and nutritious meals for all.

With the Series 8 Oven, Steam Function Plus enables fast steam cooking up to 120° C with a clever combination of hot air and steam. Steamed vegetables, for example, will cook faster using this function than the traditional method while retaining nutrients and flavour. Chef Joseph Yeo demonstrated this by first steaming rice on the bottom rack of an oven, then after 10 minutes, adding a simple salmon dish and fresh vegetables. The results? Perfectly done salmon fillets with moist and juicy centres, crisp broccoli and perfect steamed rice.

Air Frying is now a standard feature in all Series 8 ovens–this feature makes food that once required a lot of oil to cook, like chicken nuggets, can now be made crispy and aromatic even with little fat. Chef Joseph Yeo demonstrated this by quite quickly wiping up a batch of fried dumplings, placed in a perforated air fry tray (available as an optional accessory).

PerfectRoast Plus combines Artificial Intelligence with a three-point temperature meat probe to enable cooks to achieve perfection from the comfort of their couches. This is because, once you’ve selected your preferred doneness, you simply insert the probe and sit back; the Home Connect app uses AI to measure heat in three places, so it knows both the surface and core temperatures of your roast, alerting you if the skin starts to burn or that the inside is still rare. Chef Joseph prepared a straightforward recipe to showcase this function–two whole chicken with carrots and potatoes, quickly basted in rosemary butter. The chicken he produced was done to absolute perfection, with juicy breast meat, while the drumstick was fall-off-the-bone tender.

At the end of the session, Chef Joseph made a quick batch of beetroot cupcakes and relied on the oven’s PerfectBake Baking Sensor Plus to do everything. This intelligent sensor continuously measures the moisture content in the oven and switches off automatically as soon as the cake is perfect.

The Series 8 oven is supported by the Home Connect app, which offers practical benefits. The Oven Assistant has a library of recipes that are accompanied by programs that make use of the ovens’ features. You can apply the settings to the oven directly from the recipes, and you can monitor and control roasting, steaming or baking through the app. In addition, the app will send notifications if you have to intervene, e.g. refill the steaming water tank. You can also issue commands via Alexa as well.

If you prefer a more hands-on form of control, the large, eye-catching TFT Touch Display and grooved Digital Control Ring provide you with an intuitive way to operate the appliance. All appliance functions are accessible through the Control Ring, while the TFT Touch Display displays the active function.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for the new Bosch 2023 Series 8 Ovens start from SGD3,011 after a cash rebate. They are exclusively available at the UnserHaus Experience Centre, where customers can enjoy an SGD888 cash rebate for every new Series 8 cooking appliance purchased there. A free home demonstration (worth SGD125) also comes with every purchase of a new Series 8 Oven.

The new Series 8 Ovens will also be available at selected Kitchen Dealers starting 28 September 2023 and at major retailers from mid-2024.