Can Red Bull’s new Apple and Muscat Grape flavour top the classics

We try them all and see how the new flavour stacks up.

by Justin Choo

Red Bull energy drink now has a new flavour: Apple and Muscat Grape. It’s exclusive to all 7-Eleven stores islandwide.

I consider myself a bit of an energy drink ‘connoisseur’. Not by choice, though; it’s a necessity for me if the coffee isn’t enough to get the job done. So, it’s in my best interests to find the best-tasting ones whenever possible.

Monster has a couple of flavours outside its core two (original and sugar-free), but Red Bull has always been, well, Red Bull — here in Singapore. The fact that there are European and Asian versions doesn’t count; plus, they are somewhat the same style even though they are entirely different drinks.

But now, Red Bull has a new Apple and Muscat Grape flavour that you can find at 7-Elevens. How does it stack up next to the rest? I drink them all so that you don’t have to.

The original, aka Krating Daeng, is close to the original recipe, which has been inspired by the Japanese energy drink Lipovitan. It’s probably the version of Red Bull that most of us identify with, as the Austrian or international version was not so heavily marketed until the last decade or so (if my memory serves me well). Though pleasant, Krating Daeng is cloyingly sweet and maybe a bit much if you drink it often.

The good news is that there’s the low-sugar version, which pretty much dials down the intensity and makes it possible to drink it often without feeling the ‘fatigue’ of having overly sweet drinks every day.

While more expensive than the Krating Daeng, the international version of Red Bull will likely have its fans. It’s slightly less sweet, though that unmistakable cloying feeling is never far away. The sugar-free version takes that out of the equation, though the trouble is that you now have that unmistakable taste of artificial sweeteners in your mouth. I am biased against that flavour, but you might not be as hypersensitive as I am. 

Red Bull Plus partially solves that problem; for some reason, it’s not as apparent until you’re done with the drink. So, if you’re not keen on sugared beverages, Red Bull Plus might be the baseline to work from as the Goldilocks flavour zone for energy drinks. It also claims to add essential Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 for a healthier energy boost. However, it’s hard to verify claims like these. Still, anecdotally speaking, I don’t seem to notice any difference between this and regular Red Bull. 

This brings us to the new Apple and Muscat Grape. It’s built on the base of the Plus (along with the vitamins) and features a distinct Japanese bubblegum grape character with a citrusy green apple base. Like the Plus, the sweeteners blend in or are hidden pretty well; it’s a nice change of pace from the usual. While energy drinks tend to feel borderline overwhelming on the palate, this new offering is oddly refreshing, especially in the current weather. With the Plus and the Muscat, Red Bull has two flavours that aren’t jacked up on sugar and are easier on the stomach.

The new Apple and Muscat Grape Red Bull is now available exclusively at all 7-Eleven stores islandwide at a promotional price of 2 for SGD3.20 nett until 7 May 2024.