Glenfiddich Perpetual Collection is available at Global Travel Retail

Glenfiddich's tried and tested solera technique doesn't disappoint.

by Justin Choo

Fans of The Glenfiddich 15 will have plenty to shout about with the new Travel Retail Exclusive Perpetual Collection.

Next to the Glenfiddich 12 and the 18, which are regarded as quintessential Glenfiddich, the Glenfiddich 15 is somewhat of an oddity. The flavour profile is distinctly different from the other two, and there is depth in its balance.

Recipe notwithstanding, there is plenty to be said about how it’s made. While most whiskies are made in batches where they are vatted and subsequently bottled, the Solera Vat used for the 15 retains some of the liquid–the vat can never be less than half full–which is then mixed with the next batch and the process continues perpetually.

In all, the Perpetural Collection offers a decent selection for the money.

As such, it’s technically possible that the current vat still contains liquid from the first batch from 1998. If you’re curious about the details you can find out more from the deconstruction of Glenfiddich 15 here.

The Perpetual collection, as the name suggests, embraces the same techniques to create its lineup. A Global Travel Retail exclusive, Singapore Changi Airport (Lotte Duty Free shops and pop-up) will be the first in Asia to taste this new selection of whiskies.

VAT 01 (ABV 40%) $80

“…uniquely layers sweet and spicy notes for a soft and mellow taste with added depth due to its maturation in bourbon & red wine casks.”

Our take: Easy drinking whisky with just a touch of spice and the subtle sherry influence is quite well-integrated. Eighty dollars is indeed a fair price.

VAT 02 (ABV 43%) $104

“Mellow yet complex. Double matured in oak and Spanish sherry casks… a deliciously smooth taste that intrigues. A bold and silky Glenfiddich.”

Our take: Sharp peppery attack in the finish, great for those who prefer their whisky a little feisty but not out-of-control rye whiskey spicy. Nice contrast with VAT01.

VAT 03 (ABV 50.2%, non-chill filtered) $110

“…over 15 years of maturation in European oak sherry and ex-bourbon casks, this silky-smooth full-bodied whisky harmoniously combines warm notes of spice with hints of nutty marzipan and dark sherry oak.”

Our take: Our personal favourite, but also because it reminds us most of the original Glenfiddich 15, albeit with a bit more body and intensity. The richest and most in-your-face whisky of the lot, it’s a little like VAT01 on steroids.

VAT 04 (ABV 47.8%, non-chill filtered) $165

“Warming and refined. Patiently aged in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks for 18 years… a deep, rich aroma of robust oak, ripe orchard fruit and baked apple.”

Our take: The most complex of the lot and while the oak is fairly intense, there’s no edge to it and the elements are quite well-balanced; it felt like a more refined VAT02. Funny how these things feel like gadgets and you pay more for more features.

Pop-up and availability

The pop up at Changi Airport Terminal 1 is a good place to experience the Perpetual Collection.

Be among the first in Asia to try the new Perpetual Collection at the pop-up located in Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departures (Transit). The Changi 1st pop-up will be available to visit from 27 September to 5 November 2022 from 6 am to 1 am. The bottles are available for purchase at both the pop-up and Singapore Changi Airport Lotte Duty Free shops.

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