Godzilla vs Kong is so ridiculous it has to be good

March 26 can't come soon enough.

by Justin Choo

How many action movie tropes can we throw into one trailer? If your answer is yes, Godzilla vs Kong is right up your alley.

The title alone is the most obvious indication that the plot doesn’t matter. Which isn’t a bad thing – at least they know. It will be hitting HBOMax come March 26, 2021, and it will be epic. The trailer is killing it, as they say.

You probably would notice that there’s a heavy Pacific Rim-esque vibe, right down to the two monsters facing off at sea and in the city and its neon-lit night skies. Maybe the fact that they were made by Legendary Pictures and share the same producers had something to do with it? Who knows.

What we do know is this. Godzilla is on the rampage, and a captive Kong looks like the way for mankind to fight back. Pretty standard build-up stuff, and then somehow Kong hunts down Godzilla and ends up fighting Pterodactyls and you just go, what?

Godzilla vs Kong face off.

I mean… you would watch this, right?

The trailer ends off with the duo’s tribute to Thor and Thanos’ climactic battle in Infinity War: Kong fends off Godzilla’s Atomic Breath with an axe and – yes, you guessed it – gives the atomic beast a mighty wallop to the head. Marvel fans would love that bit of trolling.

Godzilla vs Kong feels a little like the Baywatch movie from a few years back; the trailer is so cringe that it’s got to be worth a watch at least. Remember March 26.