Korg and Deadpool react to the trailer of the upcoming Free Guy movie

Korg and Deadpool reacting to Guy finding out he's in a video game is the most metaception thing ever.

by Justin Choo

Free Guy is one of those movies where it didn’t stand a chance, to begin with, and that only serves to give it more of a fighting chance, if that makes any sense. You’d think a Ryan Reynolds-fronted movie wouldn’t have any problems garnering a following but much like Black Widow but without the Intellectual Property clout, the movie had been pushed around with no release date in sight.

Originally scheduled for release on 3 July 2020, the movie was first postponed to 11 December of the same year, and then removed from the release schedule in November. It was subsequently scheduled for 21 May 2021 before settling for 13 August. There was also the little matter of the sale of 20th Century Fox, which briefly put the future of the release in doubt. But 13 August looks locked in and ready to go this time.

Free Guy has fourth-wall breaking vibes all over it: Reynolds stars as Guy, an NPC in a video game called Free City who works as a bank teller. He becomes self-aware thanks to a program released by Milly (Jodie Comer) and Keys (Joe Keery), at the behest of publisher Antoine (Taika Waititi). The game is scheduled to go offline, and it’s up to Guy to save the game and his world from certain doom.

Free Guy will also feature a couple of cameos from the gaming community, with Jacksepticeye, Pokimane, Lazarbeam and Ninja indicated to make an appearance in some form in the movie.

I could just post the official trailer here but the best way to watch the trailer is to watch Korg (Waititi) and Deadpool (Reynolds) react to the trailer in their own inimitable way.