Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 doubles the He-Man hype

You wanted more He-Man; they listened. The new Netflix trailer pushes all the right buttons.

by Justin Choo

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 drew so much flak in that Netflix has essentially given us a spoilers-only trailer for Part 2, presumably in a bid to reassure protestors that He-Man still has a central role in the series.

In a nutshell, a large section of the fan base was unhappy – and vocal – that contrary to what the early trailers suggested, Prince Adam played second fiddle to Teela in Part 1. They saw it as a bait and switch since He-Man/Prince Adam was canonically the series’ lead.

But now, the haters might just be appeased if the new trailer is anything to go by. Unless this is one of those plot twists where the trailer only reveals the first arc of the show, we pretty much have a good idea of what this is all headed. So here’s a quick breakdown of what’s been revealed so far.

Horokoth Evil-Lyn?

Evil-Lyn sports a more badass outfit, possibly a reference to Horokoth Evil-Lyn in the comics. If this is indeed more than just a tip of the hat to an iconic comic book moment then there’s a likelihood that the Horde will play a part in this saga. And oh, is that you Spikor?

Teela’s sorceress reveal

Teela, who is widely known as the daughter of the Sorceress, shows her abilities for the first time and saves the mortally wounded Prince Adam. Given the disdain she initially displayed towards magic and the like, this suggests that she’s heading towards the path of…

Reconciliation with Prince Adam and the royal family

Teela is seen in the background waiting as Prince Adam addresses his parents in a war council. Prince Adam speaks with assertiveness, embodying his He-Man persona, to rally his father into standing up against impending evil. I presume this is Prince Adam coming into his own and earning the respect of his father on his own terms, while Teela comes to terms with who she is. Perhaps she’s finally on the path of…

Completing Teela’s hero’s journey

Teela reconciles with Man At Arms and they finally embrace. The scene concludes with the transfiguration of a bird, alluding to the sorceress and possibly teasing Teela’s own transformation. Well, someone has to take on Horokoth Evil-Lyn, correct? And it can only be Teela, as the two shared a similar personal journey in Part 1. It’s a natural conclusion.

The spoiler that isn’t really a spoiler

If you are a mega-fan then this shouldn’t surprise you but Netflix decided to drop this little plot twist on the back of a disarmingly funny Skeletor line (Mark Hamill is simply the GOAT): Prince Adam doesn’t need the sword to access the Power of Greyskull. And somehow he becomes more buff than ever. The fact that they didn’t save this ‘surprise’ suggests that they are trying their best not to piss off anyone before the premiere.

More familiar faces, including one thought lost

Buzz off, Stratos, Ram Man also make their appearance in what appears to be some sort of a last stand. Even the common folk of Eternia have to chip in as well… by standing behind He-Man? Scare Glow, who took on a phantasmal form in the last instalment, returns in his physical form. As Scare Glow prepares to strike down King Randor, a scarf comes out from nowhere and wraps itself around his halberd. A familiar voice rings out, “Oh you guys are in trouble now.” Orko is back.

Fan service complete: Marlena piloting the ship?

If I’m wrong, I apologise, but I can’t think of anyone else this could be referencing. King Randor is saved by a mini-plane piloted by presumably Queen Marlena, referencing the moment in the TV series where she saves the crew with her piloting skills. Probably the coolest moment in the trailer that can be easily missed.

So who’s the baddie this time around?

Skeletor’s not the most powerful villain that He-Man faced ever faced. Evil-Lyn’s reference to Horokoth is one of several (presumably) hints that point towards the presence of the Evil Horde and in particular, Hordak. In one scene we see Skeletor taking out some generic minions; if they aren’t his then whom do they serve? Portals are being opened; perhaps the invading army isn’t from Eternia? It’s hard to tell as the trailer seems to point towards a final showdown between Skeletor and He-Man. But there has to be a twist somewhere…

I… Have… the.. SCREEN TIME!

I think even the haters will want to give this another chance. He-Man gets plenty of screen time and superhero poses in key moments. To top it off, a dragon falls behind him and explodes as he raises his sword and does his best cool-guys-don’t-look-at-explosions pose. Even The Rock didn’t sell this hard when taking a Stone Cold Stunner on the chin. Just saying.


There’s a lot of positives from the trailer and it seems like they may even be able to justify most of the controversial decisions from part 1. Here’s to hoping that they’re holding the Aces and are saving Hordak for a (not-so) surprise reveal/twist.

The five episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelations Part 2 will stream on Netflix this November 23rd.