Nicholas Cage takes you through the History of Swear Words

Netflix gets Nic Cage, a bunch of experts, and some comedians to swear away. We’re set.

by Justin Choo

Swearing is a guilty pleasure. Let’s face it, you clicked on this page; nobody forced you to click on that thumbnail. We didn’t need a clickbait to get your attention.

Indeed, why would you need to, when the pitch itself is pure gold: History of Swear Words is hosted by Nicholas Cage. It’s either going to be meme-worthily hilarious, plain weird, or both.

In all seriousness, History of Swear Words covers the err, history and etymology of these fascinating words as well as their cultural significance using both experts and comedians to illustrate the point.

It’s unlikely we will recognise the experts, but some of the comedic cast may be familiar: Sarah Silverman, Jim Jefferies, Nikki Glaser and Nick Offerman are some of the comedians who will be given the license to swear while trying to be academic about it.

Once again, if you need a reason to watch it: Nicholas Cage. Even if it ends up cringe, you know it’s going to be good.