Servant Season 2: classic M. Night Shyamalan at your service

If you're a sucker for high tension, twisty thrillers, then who ya gonna call?

by Justin Choo

Fancy yourself a thriller with twists? Few names evoke that thought more than M. Night Shyamalan, for better or for worse. He’s executive producer for the psychological thriller, Servant, now going into its second season on Apple TV+ on 15th January 2021.

The cast including Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint will all reprise their characters for season two.

The season one finale provided more questions than answers, and naturally, like all shows that operate by the same playbook, is merely a set up for the second season. Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) returns to the brownstone after the shocking reveal and to kick off possibly a season of exposition. What we do know is that the series will take on an even darker tone with its supernatural element taking on a more prominent role in the series’ development. But it is not without its share of macabre humour, toying with the viewer with the ebb and flow of tension and release.

Servant has already been renewed for season 3, so at least there’s that reassurance that your commitment is good for at least one more season. The ten Season Two episodes will be released every Friday.