The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard: probably a hodgepodge of meta-comedy

Real-life Deadpool in another action comedy with three larger-than-life action stars. And Morgan Freeman.

by Justin Choo

How often do you get a trailer where you feel like you’re being trolled right from the very first second, just because Ryan Reynolds is receiving a Bodyguard of the year award?

That’s the Ryan Reynolds effect for you there because there’s no point referring to him as his onscreen character Michael Bryce. The sequel to the Hitman’s Bodyguard, somewhat unsurprisingly named The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, also sees Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as notorious contract killer Darius Kincaid.

The teaser trailer frames Hollywood’s most notorious troll as suffering from some sort of PTSD after his harrowing experience in the last movie protecting possibly the one action star that doesn’t need protecting. Sorry, I meant Jackson’s character as Kincaid, but the reality is that you probably saw the whole thing as Reynolds’ movie persona trying to protect Jackson’s movie persona as well – and therein lies the meta-premise of this franchise.

Selma Hayek jumps in to shake things up. Screencap: Lionsgate Movies

Selma Hayek jumps in to shake things up. Screencap: Lionsgate Movies

This time, they’ve done one better, and got Salma Hayek in on the joke. She plays the volatile wife–who am I kidding–she plays her typecasted spicy Latina persona who happens to be an infamous international con artist and wife of Jackson. Meanwhile, her once-iconic on-screen bae, Antonio Banderas plays the supposed antagonist who kicks things into motion, which results in Hayek literally dragging a recovering Reynolds back into the fray. And just like that, the three are the only ones who stand in the way of a vengeful Puss in Boots. Oops, wrong movie, but probably the right tone.

As a bit of a meta-teaser, Morgan Freeman is also listed in the credits but doesn’t appear in the trailer, so he’s probably being saved as a payoff for some ridiculous throwaway joke. Nothing like some brainless fun for June, so here’s to hoping that they double down on the cheese and throw in some cringe-inducing songs and we’re all set for a good time.