What’s streaming this November: bringing back memories

Not necessarily an 'if you know you know' thing, but those who do will feel their age. Sorry there.

by Justin Choo

It’s one thing for Willow to be recognised as nostalgia bait. But when Enchanted gets its high school reunion, it’s an OOF moment when those childhood memories start flooding back. Pro tip: just lean into it, sit back and check out the rest of this list.

The Crown Season 5

Season 5 is the first season without its iconic real world couple. | Image: Netflix

The preeminent royalty drama of today almost feels like a faithful depiction of the British monarchy–and yet it isn’t quite accurate. And therein lies the problem as well as its hook; the showrunners will probably be the first to admit that tap dancing on the fringes of ambiguity is what gives the show its charm. “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,” as the world’s most over-quoted playwright once said, so it’s understandable that the royal family is concerned about how the death of Princess Diana will be handled on screen, as it will no doubt shape public perception. The accompanying drama alone is reason enough for following.

Release date: November 9
Network: Netflix

Mythic Quest Season 3

How will Ian and Poppy fare on their own? | Image: Apple TV+

The third season of this video game-themed office dramedy sees Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao) restarting life with GrimPop Studios, and puts them directly in the crosshairs of their old company, Mythic Quest–or at least that rivalry is implied. The titular company is now helmed by David Brittlesbee (David Hornsby) who really has to step up to the plate this time in spite of his insecurities. The new dynamics alone will certainly keep the fans enthralled but the big question is: Will Poppy wear the pants this season?

Release date: November 11
Network: Apple TV+


If 1899 is anywhere as thrilling as Dark, we’re in for a real treat. | Image: Netflix

Will 1899 be to Dark what Snatch was to Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels? One can only wait and hope that 1899 will be as good, if not better. German science fiction thriller Dark is one of the hidden gems on Netflix that not enough people know about. Creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar will have another go with 1899 with this period mystery thriller set in, err, 1899. A ship sets sail from Europe to New York, carrying optimistic passengers seeking a new future. When the ship encounters a drifting vessel on the open seas, things start to unravel.

Release date: November 17
Network: Netflix


‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us.’ | Image: Disney+

The original Enchanted was a self-aware tip of the hat to the Disney-esque happily-ever-after formula, and Disenchanted carries on in the same vein, albeit with a darker (or as dark as OG Disney can be) twist. Giselle (Amy Adams) and Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) move to the suburbs in search of the elusive fairy tale life and Giselle resorts to magic as a last resort and inadvertently changes the town into a real-life fairy tale. It also places everyone’s future in jeopardy–Giselle realises she’s slowly turning into a villain as well–as our heroes find themselves in a race against time to undo the damage. James Marsden and Idina Menzel also reprise their roles as Prince Edward and Nancy Tremaine.

Release date: November 18
Network: Disney+


‘Goth hogwarts with the Tim Burton treatment’–probably the brief. | Image: Netflix

Given Tim Burton’s reputation, it might surprise many that he didn’t direct the 1991 version of the Addams Family (he actually turned it down). But not to worry, he’s directing four episodes in this one. Wednesday is certainly riding the nostalgia train, but Wednesday Adams (Jenna Ortega) is probably one of the more relatable characters that could possibly be spun off in 2022. The coming-of-age supernatural goth mystery comedy is centred around Wednesday’s time in Nevermore Academy as she masters her powers and solves mysteries in the town. Also features Catherine Zeta-Jones, Fred Armisen and Gwendolin Christie.

Release date: November 23
Network: Netflix

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Marvel heroes need to undergo their downer moments and it’s Starlord’s turn. | Screenshot: Marvel

Holiday Specials are for the kids, and yet, it’s kind of like a prequel to the upcoming Guardians movie. It picks up where Endgame left off, with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) suffering from the guilt of his actions in the original kerfuffle that prevented them from successfully stealing the Infinity Gauntlet and the loss of Gamora (Zoe Saldaña). With Christmas just around the corner, the team tries to cheer him up with nostalgia-bait of their own–I know right, so meta–and even gets a Footloosed Kevin Bacon in on the act.

Release date: November 25
Network: Disney+


Guess who’s the biggest star in this shot. | Image: Disney+

There are many things one can forget from childhood but I don’t care what generation you’re from, the image of David Bowie contact juggling crystal balls is hard to wipe from your head. The new Willow TV series is a sequel to the original 1988 movie and is fronted once again by Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis). The sorcerer must once again set out on an adventure, this time to aid Kit (Ruby Cruz), daughter of his former ally Sorsha (Joanne Whalley) in rescuing her abducted twin brother.

Release date: November 30
Network: Disney+

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