JBL wants kids to play to study

We've gamified healthcare, wellness, learning languages — so why not education?

by Potions

The times, they are a-changin.

Mr. Bob Dylan was spot on with his classic ballad, because students are now encouraged to game in class! Where do I sign up, you say?

The JBL Quantum Game Theory is an initiative by audio brand JBL to promote a more interactive and fun learning experience by combining gaming elements into their learning modules to rack up assessment points as they learn and play. Simply put, they’re gamifying school learning.

At the launch of JBL Quantum Game Theory, JBL teamed up with Singapore-based publisher Garena using the popular Call-of-Duty: Mobile game as ‘bait’. Participating students were incentivised to answer module questions correctly to unlock better in-game equipment and participate in an esports challenge with live broadcast and audience participation. As the students cleared their Call of Duty: Mobile missions, they snagged a Quantum Pass unlocking special discounts to JBL gear and CoD: Mobile in-game perks. 

Over two days, approximately ITE College East 220 students took part in this innovative attempt to help students gain a deeper understanding of their course modules through gaming. According to JBL, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive — 86% of students felt they were very engaged in their learning and 85% affirmed that JBL Quantum Game Theory made learning fun and interesting.

The event marked the second time JBL partnered with ITE College East’s Faculty of IT and the success of the means that JBL will expand this initiative to other tertiary institutions in Singapore. There are also plans to launch Quantum Game Theory in other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines later this year.