New Benq X3100i and X300G gaming projectors offer large images with low latency

You can now enjoy a larger than life gaming experience with the new Benq projectors.

by Justin Choo

Gaming projectors are few and far between, but don’t worry, here are two more. BenQ has introduced two new X series gaming projectors: the X3100i and X300G. (Note, the cover pic of the two projectors does not reflect their relative sizes)

The idea of these LED 4K projectors is to provide an immersive experience in a space-saving package. These projectors offer high-quality visuals and, more importantly, have input lag that’s as low as 4.2ms at 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 240Hz.

The X series projectors feature ‘SettingXChange’, which lets you download expert projector settings for popular games. Other gaming-centric features include an FPS Crosshair that helps indicate the centre of the screen and makes targeting easier. You can also establish game mode configurations for different consoles, and the projector will automatically switch between them.

X3100i | Image: Benq

The X3100i flagship (3,000 lumens) features 100% DCI-P3 coverage, ensuring that it displays pristine and accurate colours suitable for gaming and movies alike. The two 5W speakers support Dolby Atmos, which is undoubtedly the best indication that they don’t suck, but chances are you’re not buying a projector of this calibre only to use onboard speakers.

At 2.5 metres, the X3100i can project a 100” display. The projector has a 40-60% Vertical Lens Shift and 1.3x Digital Zoom, so you have some flexibility there when it comes to installation. 

X300G | Image: Benq

The X300G  (2,000 lumens) is the 4K-capable portable cousin. As it’s designed to be used on the move, the projector has a short throw and requires only 1.53 metres separation between the display to create a 100” image, and has 1.2x optical zoom and autofocus. The stereo speakers here are slightly beefier with 8W power and are supported by a passive radiator. It does support eARC, so you can always run it through a more competent speaker system.

In terms of colour gamut, the X300G has 95% coverage for Rec. 709, which isn’t bad at all. Both projectors have game mode-specific presets; the X3100i has settings for RPGs, sports, FPS and racing, while the X300G has optimisations for RPG, sports and FPS. 

Physical connectivity options are considerably different. Note that the projectors are not to scale. | Individual pics: Benq

The X Series projectors have Android TV built-in and support Netflix (not all projectors do). If you don’t want to use eARC for external audio, there’s the option for S/PDIF on the X3100i as well.

The X3100i will go on sale on November 11, 2023, at a promotional price of SGD3,579 (RRP SGD3,699) from November 11-13 on Shopee and Lazada. X300G is expected to launch in December.