Can’t wait for Halo Infinite to drop? The Beta is almost the full game

Get yourself all warmed up for the next chapter by playing the open Beta multiplayer modes.

by Justin Choo

Looking forward to Halo Infinite? You can hop onboard the hype train early through Halo Infinite Beta.

It’s set to run till launch on 8 December, so that solves one major bugbear of playing on Beta – having to go cold turkey for a while when the Beta ends.

In Halo Infinite Beta, you’ll have access to Arena, Big Team Battle, Halo Infinite’s Academy training mode, and the Halo Infinite Battle Pass . It’s the perfect way to warm yourself up for the game’s launch on December 8, which features the highly anticipated new campaign, which adds another chapter to a storied lore.

The intention behind this open Beta phase is most likely to give the developers a large pool of users who can stress test the servers and iron out the kinks. But don’t worry – once the game transitions over into the release build, you will not lose any progress that you make while playing in Beta (you can already purchase the Season One Battle Pass).

Needless to say, you would probably need to put up with some bugs now and then, which is a small price I suppose, to be able to play what is essentially (almost) a complete release. All you need is an Xbox or PC – sorry PS owners – to join in the fun.

While you don’t lose anything if you don’t pick up the main campaign, but the new story mode supposedly enables access to unique rewards for multiplayer. Admittedly, this is 2021, so we won’t have high hopes (just to manage expectations) about these rewards but they’re essentials if you’re the sort who must have everything.

Get the Beta through Steam or the respective app stores of your Xbox or PC.