DotA: Dragon’s Blood is an unexpected announcement from Netflix

Dragon's Blood is an excellent potion for digestion. Will the animation be equally efficacious?

by Justin Choo

DotA: Dragon’s Blood was an unexpected announcement – but I don’t think that the game’s player base will be complaining about the adaptation.

Netflix has partnered with Valve to bring the world of DotA (or Defence of the Ancients) to animation life. So far, the streaming service hasn’t put a foot wrong with its adaptation of popular gaming icons. Even their own take on familiar tropes has gone pretty well , and there’s little reason to believe that this will be their first misstep. Given that they’ve engaged Ashley Edward Miller (X-Men: Fdotirst Class) and Studio MIR (Voltron: Legendary Defender and The Legend of Korra), let’s just file Dragon’s Blood under the ‘can’t go wrong’ section.

Dragon’s Blood seems to be based on DotA 2, if the teaser trailer is anything to go by. In the 30-second teaser, they introduce the character of the Dragon Knight Davion. He crosses paths with Princess Mirana who is on a secret mission, as well as a powerful powerful ancient eldwurm (a kind of a dragon), and soon becomes embroiled in a series of events as per the norm in fantasy settings – you don’t get to live a mundane life, it seems.

The series is only eight episodes long, so you can pencil it in for a weekend binge if you’re a fan of the game. Dragon’s Blood is scheduled to drop on March 25th.