Razer Orochi V2 is their latest take on the lightweight, portable gaming mouse

The new Orochi V2 combines performance with portability.

by Justin Choo

Fancy a no-frills portable gaming mouse? The new Razer Orochi V2 is powered with a single AA or AAA battery, so you can easily pop a new one in whenever you run out of juice.

At the heart of Orochi is the company’s signature 5G advanced optical sensor, accompanied by HyperSpeed Wireless technology and 2nd-gen Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches. HyperSpeed also supports multiple devices, so you can connect the mouse and wireless keyboard to a single USB dongle. The new switches sport gold-plated contact points for added longevity of up to 60 million clicks, while 100 per cent PTFE feet provides the smoothness.

Weighing less than 60 grams without the battery (depending on what you use, say around 85g with a regular AA), the Orochi V2 is also compact and can last over 900 hours (lithium AA) on Bluetooth connection. Switching to Hyperspeed mode reduces lag, but drops battery life to around an estimated 425 hours (also with lithium).

The Orochi V2 sports a symmetrical design to cater to the three major grip styles, with tapered ends to provide grip when you flick, while the raised back arch improves palm fit and reduces fatigue. Thumb groove contours facilitate strong thumb grips while side buttons have been optimised for accessibility.

The Orochi V2 retails for $104.90 in black or white. For $149.90, you can get one with the Razer Custom treatment with custom stickers and text. There’s also a newly-announced Universal Grip Tape if you want a bit more traction and sweat absorption.