Show your Genshin Love with Razer swag in three easy steps

These days, nothing shows your passion more appropriately than thematically matched gear.

by Justin Choo

Genshin Impact fans, rejoice: you now have more swag through which to profess your love for the game.

The Razer-miHoYo collaboration has spawned a whole range of peripherals, customisations, perks and custom game profiles. That includes custom designs via Razer Customs (coming soon) and even a custom THX Game Profile (available via the THX Spatial Audio app) for gaming headsets to present a more realistic soundscape in-game. Furthermore, each co-branded product comes with a bonus code that you can use to redeem exciting rewards in Genshin Impact.

If you aren’t one of those people who automatically kibosh the idea of parading anime/videogame-themed gear at your desk, the collection actually looks pretty decent.

I’ll be honest, I’m one of those who like to laugh at gear that plaster illustrations painting yourself as a flag waving fan, but it’s precisely for this reason that I thought I’ll assess how well these collaborations will be received by the average joe (I know, I know, they weren’t made for them, just humour me).

So, as a matter of public interest (that nobody asked for), we’ll rate how they look and how likely you will use them despite not being a fan of the game. And which order of pickings makes you the biggest Genshin fan.

DeathAdder V2 Pro

Razer adopted the Paimon’s colours – especially that irrepressible shade of midnight blue, accented with gold for a safe yet flashy combo. The popular DeathAdder V2 Pro gets the blue makeover and sports gold stars and constellations motifs as well as Paimon’s signature upside down Triquetra.

Wow factor: They could have gone for a predominantly white mouse, which would have been killer to look at but it kind of polarises your options. Blue is the far safer pick as the dominant colour and with the white and gold accents it looks great as well. 8/10

Tryhard factor: (a low score means you don’t need to be a fan to appreciate this) If you never played Genshin Impact you probably wouldn’t know any better. You probably might think of this as some sort of tie-up or it was inspired by some other work, at worst. 6/10

Goliathus Speed

If you want to take your fandom up a notch then only a mousepad will do. Whereas the mouse was fairly subtle, there’s no disguising what the is all about with the Goliathus Speed mousepad. The game’s mascot is proudly emblazoned in all her glory and making her presence clearly felt.

Wow factor: it’s ultimately a mousepad with an anime-style graphic, which is far more commonplace these days since manga>western comics. It’s easy on the eye but it’s no different from a mousepad with a Ferrari on it. End of the day, looks aren’t key here; just love (for the game), man. 5/10

Tryhard factor: I think most uptight people will just be glad you don’t have an oppai mousepad (don’t google this). But hey, if you like it, you like it. The Genshin graphic, I mean. But definitely purely for fans. 9/10

Razer Iskur X

Razer’s gaming chair also gets a killer colourway and it’s certainly a head-turner. I think they look great without any decorative motifs (albeit you need to colour coordinate a little) but this one also gets the full runes and Paimon motif treatment.

Wow factor: people are bound to ask about your chair over zoom – it looks great from the front and regardless of your stance on branded gear, it don’t look half bad from the back too. Goes to show that the right colours go a long way. 9/10

Tryhard factor: The Paimon sigil is quite tastefully done but perhaps there was no need to plaster her name prominently since, if you know, you know. People who know are bound to ask you if you’re Genshin fan, and people who don’t will think that you’ve spent a lot on that striking-looking chair. Win-win? 6/10


The mouse and the chair look good without being over-the-top with the branding, while the mousepad is just straight out fanboy/fangirl territory (yes, I’m stating the obvious, sorry). Low-key fans; get the mouse. Fan on a budget; the mousepad of course. The committed fan needs the Iskur in their lives. But! Only the biggest fans will have the mousepad proudly displayed as a key part of their setup.