Youtuber beats Resident Evil 3 with all enemies as Nemesis

Dante Ravioli tests his sanity with this impossible challenge.

by Justin Choo

There’s one area where PC absolutely stomps on consoles: the ability to mod your games, so you can take on ludicrous challenges like this one.

Youtuber Dante Ravioli is one of many madlads who love taking on impossible video game challenges. He first came to prominence after his attempt to beat the Resident Evil 2 reboot with only a knife (No damage taken, hardcore, no infinite knives) went viral, and now he has just taken on the most insane Resident Evil challenge ever – can you beat Resident Evil 3 if every enemy in the game is Nemesis?

The result is almost 50 minutes of gut-wrenching over-the-shoulder stress – never has watching playthroughs been so engaging and terrifying. It takes near perfect dodges, planning and luck to get past any chokepoint for the entire game because one mistake usually sets you up for a metaphorical ground and pound with two or more Nemesis-type foes (Nemesi?) standing over you.

I don’t think it counts as a spoiler that he makes it through in the end, but at what cost? Whether or not Dante will attempt a no-death run remains to be seen as it seems like the kind of challenge he would relish, but his advice in the video on taking this challenge is telling: “Don’t try this challenge, Jesus Christ, don’t even bother.”

So here is Dante trying so that you don’t have to: