Razer introduces Moray, its first gaming IEM

All-day comfort might just be what the doctor ordered, but you need to get your own microphone.

by Justin Choo

You know when gaming in-ear monitor (IEM) is a thing when a big name like Razer jumps into the fray with an offering of their own. 

Razer’s first effort is the Razer Moray, an IEM that is designed to marry all-day comfort and the vaunted audio quality of well-designed IEMs. The Moray features a hybrid dual-driver acoustic design, using a balanced armature driver to render trebles while a dynamic driver is tuned to deliver deep, resonant bass. If there are any misgivings about its audio pedigree, the THX certification should allay all concerns, as it stipulates a minimum standard for well-balanced frequency response, minimal distortion at high volumes,  and noise isolation.

MMCX connectors means there’s a potential for third-party cables. | Image: Razer

IEMs are perfect for all-day activities like gaming as you don’t have to ever worry about undue pressure on the head and ears for long periods, and this is basically what the Moray’s low-profile and ergonomic shape is designed to do. Razer says its passive noise isolation is able to block out up to -36 dB of noise, which reduces background distraction to some degree. 

The Moray uses detachable, premium braided cables with an oxygen-free copper (OFC) core. It uses MMCX connectors, which means that it’s likely you can use third-party cables if the connector housing isn’t too unique; the stock configuration does not include an in-line microphone, so perhaps it’s possible to find a substitute.

For the price, the carrying case is a nice touch. | Image: Razer

And much like other IEMs, the Moray comes with three types of custom ear tips in three sizes (small, medium and large) and two materials (silicone and foam) so that you can find a pair that best suits your ears for optimal comfort and sound isolation. The Moray will also come packaged with a splash-resistant carrying case.

The Moray is now available at the Razer Store and is priced at SGD205.90.

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