Razer now offers a glass gaming mat with the Atlas

Here's another option if you need a smooth, firm mousepad.

by Justin Choo

Razer releases its first glass-based gaming mat with the Atlas gaming mouse pad.   

Crafted with tempered glass for durability, its micro-etched surface (2μm) makes it easier for the optical sensor on your mouse to detect textures accurately, resulting in more precise and accurate tracking. The scratch-resistant surface also has the added benefit of repelling dirt and dust that may affect the performance of your mouse when gliding across the mat.

A fully covered anti-slip rubber base keeps the mat firmly in place so the mat doesn’t budge even during intense gaming sessions. And with a glass surface, cleaning is even simpler: a warm damp cloth will suffice.

Available in sleek Black and White colour options, the Razer Atlas gaming mouse mat is now available for SGD159. 90|RM499.

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