The original Dead Space gets transformed into an FPS horror game

Modder makes this iconic game even creepier and harder.

by Jeremy Cheong

While most gamers and fans would probably be spending their time playing the shinier Dead Space remake that was released in January, those who prefer to relive the scares and nostalgia of the original 2008 game can do so in an all-new and even scarier perspective.

Created by modder ReverseEngineeringGamer, the aptly and simply named “First Person Mod” pulls you directly into the head of Isaac Clarke so you get to experience the horror up close and personal. The game definitely becomes a lot scarier because unlike the original third-person view gives you a wider viewing angle thus enabling you to see around you more. With the mod, you won’t be able to look around corners or see the Necromorphs behind you that is unless you have played the game to death and memorised all the jump scare locations.

On top of that, the game also becomes a little harder and more survival-focused because the health and HUD elements are placed on Isaac’s back and body. So you will have to “listen to Isaac’s breathing, monitor his heart rate and sprint speed, stock up on health and stasis packs to use as often as needed” according to ReverseEngineeringGuy. Another tip he shared to those who are willing to give the mod a go is to “Get gud!”

The mod is available for download on Nexus Mods and actually uses Cheat Engine, so you will need to download that as well. As always, seeing as this is a fanmade mod, do expect some issues such as camera clipping, seeing the inside of Isaac’s suit when performing certain actions and other issues.

Source: Kotaku & Nexus Mods

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