Apple releases an affordable Pencil with USB-C charging

For those who find they can't justify a SGD200 stylus, this might be more up your speed.

by Justin Choo

Apple has introduced a cheaper, more affordable Apple Pencil to its lineup.

Like the other Pencils, Apple’s latest offers the same accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity. The new Apple Pencil also supports hover when used with M2 models of iPad Pro. However, note that this cheaper Pencil doesn’t support pressure sensitivity and the double-tap feature to change tools.

Apple’s new Pencil has no wireless charging and its place, a USB-C port hidden by a sliding cap. It evokes memories of the original Pencil, which featured an obsolete Lightning port. Compared to the second-generation Pencil, the new Pencil is slightly more inconvenient since you need a USB cable to charge, but you can argue that it also means you don’t need the tablet nearby to charge the stylus. However, it has a magnetic flat side so that you can attach it to the side of the iPad. When it does so, the stylus goes into standby mode to save power.

For iPads with a lightning port, the first-generation Apple Pencil is still available, while those who want the bells and whistles can look to the second-generation Pencil. Given the price, the USB-C version might be the best option if you don’t need pressure sensitivity.

The new Apple Pencil will be available at SGD119 starting in early November.

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Apple releases an affordable Pencil with USB-C charging – Techno News October 23, 2023 - 2:51 pm

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