Arlo Technologies Unveils its fully-featured Pro 5S 2K Security Camera

Does the Pro5S 2K cover all the bases? Well, pretty much almost.

by Justin Choo

Arlo has introduced the new Pro 5S 2K Security Camera, which effectively replaces the Pro 4. 

The Pro 5S 2K is a wireless, weather-resistant, HDR-capable security camera with colour night vision and a 160-degree viewing angle, making it suitable for monitoring pretty much any reasonable situation you can think of.

Arlo says that the idea of a 2K cam is that you can zoom in approximately 12 times and not lose detail. This is thanks in part to its 12-bit image sensor, which is capable of rendering over 60 billion colours for excellent quality–none of that ‘potato-quality’ video stuff from a recent scandal that kept us guessing for days.


On top of that, it has the usual comforts that Arlo users are familiar with, such as AI and object detection–it can differentiate between a package, person, animal, or vehicle. The camera also comes with two-way audio in the event you need to speak to the other party waiting outside your door. And for suspicious individuals, an integrated spotlight will illuminate the area as a deterrence, while an inbuilt Smart Siren can be set to trigger automatically or remotely on demand.

Arlo’s update for its 2K line features a host of improvements, most notably Dual-Band Wi-Fi support, which improves the flexibility of wireless connectivity and enables faster video loading and minimal buffering, allowing users to monitor real-time events with improved footage. This is made partly possible by longer battery life (about 8 months on average); the battery is rated to last 30% longer than its predecessor, and slightly reduces the hassle of having to replace and recharge the power cell.

Flexibility is the name of the game here and aside from two options of mounts (one is magnetic), the Pro 5 offers support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings (requires Arlo SmartHub) and IFTTT so you can easily integrate the camera into your existing smart home setup. At the same time, the updated Arlo Secure app has beefed up its monitoring tools. You can easily create time-saving automations built around geo-fencing, mode changes, schedules, alarms, and more.

The Arlo Pro 5S 2K Security Camera is now available at a recommended retail price of SGD329, while the bundled pair costs SGD599. Prices for the subscription plans have been revised as well; it now costs SGD4.99 per month for a single camera (SGD12.99 for unlimited cameras) while a yearly payment lowers that cost down to SGD3.99 per month (SGD9.99 for unlimited cameras). Among other things, the subscription lets you store videos on the cloud for a month, so you have enough time to download only the clips that are important, saving you the hassle of having to manage a chunk of data offline.

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