Arlo’s 2nd gen Essential cameras: privacy shield for indoors, 180° field of view doorbell

Essential features for a reasonable prices.

by Justin Choo

Arlo has just unveiled its second-generation Essential cameras and doorbells in Singapore. The Essentials line is their value-oriented range, and it features some handy features.

Among the standouts are the 180-degree field of view offered by the Video Doorbell and the automated privacy shield provided by the Indoor Camera. The latter allows users to physically — and absolutely — cover the camera lens, which you can do through the Arlo Secure App. It’s the best thing short of physically covering your camera with a box to ensure it is disabled. 

You also get a 130-degree wide viewing angle for broad surveillance, noise-cancelling audio for clear two-way communication, black-and-white night vision for visibility in darkness, and an integrated siren to warn intruders. The Outdoor Camera does not have the privacy shield (not that it needs it), but it does have colour night vision, an integrated spotlight to light up the scene, and is weather-resistant.

The Video Doorbell has a decent set of features. It offers a 180° field of view that captures everything from head to toe and even packages left on the ground. It includes video calling for a direct response from your phone, a voice message feature for visitors to leave a message, night vision for clarity in darkness, an integrated siren for security alerts, and weather resistance.

Arlo also confirmed that a couple of accessories will be available soon. These include a protective camera cover, a weather-resistant outdoor charging cable, and a weather-resistant solar panel that, according to Arlo, will keep your Arlo camera’s battery charged with only a few hours of direct sunlight.

The Arlo second-generation Essential Cameras and Doorbells are now available from leading retailers nationwide, including Amazon, Challenger, Lazada, Shopee, and Arlo’s official online store. The Essential Outdoor Camera costs SGD199 (single kit), the Essential Indoor Camera costs SGD169 (single kit), and the Video Doorbell costs SGD299. Of course, remember that the Arlo Secure subscription (from USD 7.99) is needed to use these cameras best.