BenQ’s ZOWIE launches the EC-CW series of wireless mouse

These mice are designed to reduce muscle fatigue and injuries caused by long hours of gaming.

by Jeremy Cheong

BenQ’s gaming peripheral brand, ZOWIE, recently announced the launch of its very first line-up of wireless mice known as the EC-CW series. This new series consists of models the EC1-CW, EC2-CW and EC3-CW, which are essentially the same mice just that they are in different sizes, with the EC1-CW being the largest of the lot and the EC3-CW being the smallest.

While most other brands will usually offer mice in different colours or slightly different configurations, it is very rare for them to release the same mice in different sizes. However, ZOWIE has a good reason for this as they want customers to choose a mouse that fits their hands perfectly because the EC-CW series was designed to reduce muscle fatigue and injuries caused by long hours of usage.

The EC-CW series comes with an enhanced receiver that also doubles a charging dock for the mouse.

According to BenQ, the EC-CW was designed based on in-depth sports science research and they collaborated with The Human & Machine Innovation Lab to conduct comprehensive qualitative interviews and usability tests for their prototypes. One of its anti-fatigue features targets the wrist flexor muscles, allowing prolonged usage even with frequent clicks. On top of that, the design provides comfort for the fingers with a designated thumb rest and prevents inadvertent clicks with strategically placed buttons.

The EC-CW series retains ZOWIE’s trademark asymmetrical ergo design that has a natural curvy top shall that provides comfort by supporting the user’s palm. It also ensures just the right amount of palm contact and accommodates all types of grip styles. Furthermore, the ergonomic design helps when it comes to performing long-distance horizontal movements and allows for stable control and manoeuvring of the mouse when playing first-person shooters or MOBAs.

There is no need to download drivers or extra software because you can easily adjust the DPI and USB report rate right at the bottom of the mouse.

In terms of technical specifications, the EC1-CW, EC2-CW and EC3-CW come with the standard fare that should satisfy most users. All three feature an adjustable DPI rate from 400- to 3,200 DPI and a USB report rate of 125- to 1,000Hz. Other than that, you can also adjust its lift-off distance. Last but not least, these mice come with five buttons and a 24-step scroll wheel.

As of now, only the EC2-CW and EC3-CW are available and can be purchased from BenQ’s official Lazada Singapore store at the price of SGD249.

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