Dyad Pro is Roborock’s new wet-dry vaccum cleaner

This sucks better so your life doesn't have to.

by Justin Choo

Modern problems require modern solutions–said Dave Chapelle a really long time ago, but that overused meme is still relevant in our ever-expanding multi-platform universe of first-world problems.

Roborock is putting its hat in the ring with the Dyad Pro, a cordless upright wet-dry floor washer and dust absorber. The Dyad Pro has a powerful 17,000Pa suction and more importantly, it can vacuum and wash the floor at the same time.

On top of that, it’s designed to reach small corners and difficult areas of the home, and it can reach as close as 1mm to the wall. The Dyad Pro uses DirTect Smart sensor to detect how dirty the floor is and adapt cleaning power, water flow, and cleaning solution dispensing for more optimised cleaning.

The Dyad Pro can clean up to 300 square metres on a single charge (43 minutes). One cartridge of cleaning solution supports up to 20 tanks of clean water or up to 600 minutes of cleaning.

Roborock says the Dyad Pro is also designed to be low-maintenance; it is self-cleaning and self-drying (has a noiseless drying mode), and there’s even an on-screen LED indicator that tells you where the dirt is so you can focus your attention on that area.

Priced at $1,299 (MYR 3,899), the Roborock Dyad Pro is now available at the official Roborock store on Shopee and Lazada (or Shopee MY and Lazada MY). Both stores are currently offering the Dyad Pro at $699.90 (MYR 2,599).

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