Four Bosch home appliances that are ideal for new homeowners

Bosch has a whole range of appliances that help make chores easier to deal with.

by Jeremy Cheong

I would like to preface this article by saying that this is not an advertorial for Bosch. My wife and I are actually in the midst of buying our first property together and part of the discussion has been about investing in a few new home appliances that would help us with the more mundane parts of married life.

Seeing as Justin and I have been receiving quite a number of article and story pitches for home appliances, I used the information we have on hand to create a wish list of sorts for the appliances that appealed to me the most and might even interest some of you out there as well. So here are some of the Bosch appliances that I think would be worth investing in, especially for new homeowners or if you want to give someone a thoughtful gift. (Ed: wah, can I have one too, please?)

First up, let us not beat around the bush, vacuuming is not fun. Of course, it is not as tiring as dusting, sweeping and mopping but it is still not fun. At least with the Bosch Unlimited 7 Black cordless vacuum cleaner, this chore will be less back-breaking. The Unlimited 7 Black comes with a Flex Tube that bends at a 90-degree angle, making it easy to clean under the furniture. Combine this with the powerful TurboSpin motor and AllFloor DynamicPower Brush with LED lights, it will be a breeze to have a dust-free home and have your figurine or collectable display cases looking pristine all the time.

Another nice touch with the Unlimited 7 Black is the fact that not only can its replaceable battery pack last up to 40 minutes but it also comes with an extra battery pack, so we will not have to charge it every other day. On top of that, it does come with a nice assortment of accessories which include a 2-in-1 furniture and upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, XXL upholstery nozzle, and keyboard and drawer nozzle.

On the flip side, we have also shortlisted a more conventional vacuum cleaner that does not require charging up but is also extremely portable. The Bosch Bagged Vacuum Cleaner GL-30 ProEnergy Black is a relatively pint-sized small vacuum cleaner with up to a 10-meter operation radius and the ability to automatically rewind its cable. Another plus is that while it looks small, it actually has an XL dust capacity of up to three litres, so we will not need to worry about constantly changing the bags.

Speaking of bags, the GL-30 ProEnergy Black is built with the PowerProtect System that ensures high performance even as the bag fills up. It also comes with a washable HEPA hygienic filter that ensures constant high filtration and cleaner exhaust air, especially important as we do have a furkid at home and it will be even more important for those of you who have children.

Other plus points of the GL-30 ProEnergy Black are that it has a 10-year motor guarantee and much like the Unlimited 7 Black also comes with a good selection of accessories including the quiet switchable roller nozzle, crevice nozzle, furniture brush, upholstery nozzle, universal nozzle and hard floor nozzle.

While we do not usually cook our own meals, we do occasionally have friends over for gatherings which more often than not involve a whole lot of food. So washing up can get very time-consuming and tiring. So, we agreed to break that Asian household taboo and decided to get an automated dishwasher. Instead of having a massive one though, we are keen on the Bosch Series 6 Free-standing Compact Dishwasher, which has an elegant design and can handle a 6-place setting. It also features six different wash temperatures to ensure plates and baby bottles are clean and hygienic.

On top of that, the EcoSilence Drive technology that it comes with not only means that it is quiet, efficient and consumes less energy, but it also works without brushes ensuring our finest crockery and cutlery remain looking brand new even after multiple washes. Finally, this also comes with a 10-year guarantee against rust-through of the inner tub, which means we will not need to replace it after 5 years of use.

Last but not least, one of the chores that my wife and I find the most tedious to do is anything to do with laundry, especially folding and ironing. If you share that same sentiment but also do not like your shirts or dresses being creased, crumpled or filled with burnt marks, the Bosch Series 4 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer comes with a fabric-friendly Sensitive Drying System that gently dries clothes, leaving them soft and wrinkle-free. Another great thing about having a dryer at home is that we will not have to worry about the unpredictability of our country’s tropical weather. Even if it rains, our clothes will always be dry with no unpleasant odours.

The Bosch Series 4 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer comes with a slew of handy features as such the AutoDry feature that allows it to gently dry up to 7kg of laundry to precisely the degree of dryness you want. Laundry will also not crease as the load is automatically loosened once the program is finished.

So there you have it, those are four of the home appliances that we think should be suitable for most new homeowners or even those who just want to spend less time doing chores and more time doing what they love to do.

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