Halfway into 2022 and ViewQwest is still Singapore’s fastest broadband provider

Same old story: ViewQwest continues its winning streak.

by Justin Choo

ViewQwest has been awarded Singapore’s fastest fixed network by Ookla (of Speedtest fame) for Q1 – Q2 2022.

The Speedtest Awards brings to mind an old joke that Singaporeans don’t actually play PC FPS games; they play 3D Mark, such was the obsession with being able to hit high framerate numbers back then.

In the end, I guess some things don’t change: ViewQwest reminds us again that it’s the fastest again; the event has become such a shoo-in, it’s as if I can probably link old reports and I don’t think anyone would have noticed.

Their latest award is based on performance in Q1-Q2 2022, where the ISP came up tops amongst M1, MyRepublic, Singtel and StarHub, achieving top download and upload speeds of 766.53 Mbps and 838.12 Mbps respectively.

This win makes it five years in a row that the ISP has received the award, stretching all the way back to 2018, making them only the second ISP in Southeast Asia to have reached this milestone.

The latest round of reporting also shows that Singapore continues to be among the top countries when it comes to fixed broadband speeds, and is currently neck and neck with Chile to be known as the country with the world’s fastest fixed broadband.

Yet after all that, and I still can’t score a win when it comes to First-Come-First-Served online sales. Sigh. #skillissue

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