Is it convenient enough yet? Samsung’s back with a new Smart Dishwasher

There's also a standard version if you think you prefer to micromanage the cleaning settings..

by Justin Choo
Shows the Samsung Smart Dishwasher with the door open

Fancy yourself a smart dishwasher? Samsung’s new SmartThings offering has a host of convenient features that might entice you to say goodbye to washing dishes by hand.

These features include a Hygiene Care option, which extends the final rinse and increases water temperature to 70 degrees celsius to “eliminate 99.999% of bacteria”. Alternatively, the Speed Booster mode speeds up the cleaning cycle if you’re pressed for time. Meanwhile, Auto Door Open speeds up drying, especially for smaller items, by opening up a 10 cm space at the end of the wash cycle.

Shows four cleaning modes available to the Samsung Smart Dishwasher

Four programs for specialised cleaning | Image credit: Samsung

SmartThings takes things to the next level by giving you the ability to remotely start the cleaning cycle and monitor the status with a smartphone. And with the Download Program option within the app, you get four additional programs for specific purposes: Extra Silence for a quieter wash, Pots and Pans helps to clean dirty cookware without pre-rinsing, Plastic Kitchenware minimises the risk of warping plastic items and Baby Care is for cleaning feeding bottles, cutlery and dishes for infants. If you’re worried that the extra tech might result in extra water waste, the dishwasher has a 3-tick rating (out of 4) under the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS).

Shows the new features of the Samsung Smart Dishwasher

Four new key features | Image credit: Samsung

Samsung’s new Smart Dishwasher is also designed with ergonomics in mind. The rack system is mounted on ball-bearing rails (Soft Railing) to ensure that the rack slides easily in and out and improves stability. The rack itself is adjustable (Flex Load) via three settings and folding tines to support a variety of cookware and tableware. You can also adjust the middle rack (Auto Adjust) upwards or downwards to create space in the lower rack. The top rack holds cutlery and kitchenware and can be removed if you need more space. 

Shows the Samsung Smart Dishwasher in steel finish

Standard model: no smart features, but sure looks smart | Image credit: Samsung

The freestanding Smart Dishwasher (DW60A8050FB/SP) is available in a black matte finish and retails for $1,799. Samsung also offers a standard model (DW60A6092FS/SP) in a stainless steel finish and sans smart features for $1,299. They can be found at the Samsung Online Store and all major consumer electronics stores. 

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