Is the Sony HT-AX7 the future of immersive home entertainment

Sony's unique portable speaker offers spatial sound mapping on the move.

by Justin Choo

Originally published on 15 Aug 2023, and updated on 30 Oct 2023.

If we can watch Dolby Vision-quality videos on tablets around the house, how come it’s not the same when it comes to audio? Well, maybe because speakers like Sony’s new HT-AX7 aren’t a thing yet. 

Sony’s HT-AX7 is teasing a promise to transform our living space into a captivating theatre experience–note, it’s not limited to just your living room. The HT-AX7 is not just portable by virtue of the claim that it is compact; it’s a relatively tiny, three-piece system that you can set up anywhere, connects to sources via Bluetooth (v5.2), and yet it can still envelop you in an immersive audio cocoon of spatial immersion.

Nothing traditional about this look–that’s Sony for you. | Sony

At the core of this experience is Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, which conjures phantom speakers at the front, rear, and overhead to replicate that big-room, movie theatre experience. Just place the three speakers around you–that’s it. You don’t even need multi-channel content; just two will do and simply let the HT-AX7’s upmixer algorithm create a surround sound-like effect. If you don’t want that effect you can simply turn it off and use the speakers to fill the room with sound.

The controls are simple and easily accessible. | Sony

More importantly, the speakers are designed to operate wirelessly and the HT-AX7 has a battery life of up to 30 hours–surely, that’s enough for a movie marathon?  Its modernist look also helps blend into any interior decor. 

The HT-AX7 looks perfect for this scenario. | Sony

For those who need some convincing, you can be among the first to experience the HT-AX7 for yourself. From now until September 17, 2023, simply register your interest for an exclusive demonstration experience at Sony Store for a chance to check out this seemingly nifty piece of gear. The local prices have not been confirmed yet (internationally, it goes for USD500), though the speakers will be available this year at selected retail outlets and online stores in Q4 for Singapore and November for Malaysia.

UPDATE: The local pricing for the HT-AX7 has been finalised at SGD759, and Sony is currently offering a launch promotion price of SGD699 that will end on 8 November 2023.

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