AirTags go on sale, along with purple iPhone 12

Gear from the recent Apple announcement go on sale or pre-order today.

by Justin Choo

A whole host of Apple gear goes on sale or pre-orders today, and top of the list are the stuff that you can pick up right now: the AirTags and the new purple iPhone 12 and 12 mini.

It sounds ridiculous that new colour warrants mentioning but what can I say, the purple, which is like in-between lavender and pastel blue, is gorgeous indeed.

On the other hand, the new AirTags are far more useful, and look out for a review soon. Do note that if you are looking to engrave your AirTags (the engraving service is free, by the way), do not go down to the physical stores to pick them up as they will not be able to provide that service on the spot.

The iMac, iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K will also be available on pre-order starting today, and delivery is expected in the second half of May.