Amazon Prime Day 2022: now with selections from Amazon Japan

Now that it's possible to combine Amazon Japan and Amazon US selections in one cart, there's more reason to check out Amazon Prime Day this year.

by Justin Choo

This Amazon Prime Day on 12-13 July will be the same and yet a little different.

With every e-commerce platform under the sun offering some form of a sales festival every other day, is Amazon Prime Day still a big deal?

Opinions will differ of course, but what is pure fact is that they now offer a Japanese selection from Amazon Japan, which means that products from popular Japanese brands such as Pokémon, Nintendo, Wacom, Yamazaki, Wing/Wacoal, Iris Ohyama, and Bandai, will be readily available through your local Prime account. Convenience is the watchword here, especially if you are looking for a more convenient way to buy Japanese products.

Amazon says that they are working on expanding the product categories, so check out the page now and then to see if your favourite items are introduced to the store.

screenshot of amazon japan items available in amazon prime sg

No more jumping through hoops to buy Amazon Japan items.

For now, you can check out some of the following highlights in the various categories below:

  • Home & Kitchen
    • La Cocotte de Gohan Cast Iron Pot, and more, from Staub
    • Bathroom Baskets, Storage Racks, and more, from Yamazaki
    • Microfiber Towels, Anti-fog Mirror Liquid, Bath Cleaners, and more, from LEC
    • Link
  • Toys
    • Card Games, Plush Toys, and more, from Pokémon
    • Megami Device, modelling accessories and parts, from Kotobukiya
    • Learning Tablets and Toys, from Gakken
    • Link
  • Beauty
    • Liquid Liners, Lash Curlers, and more, from Canmake
    • Eyeshadow and Cheek Palettes, Colour Correctors, and more, from Etude
    • Haircare and skincare, from Shiseido
    • Link
  • Baby
    • Drinking Cups, Baby Guards, and more, from Richell for Babies
    • Bacteria Sterilization devices, Strollers, Bibs, and more, from Combi
    • Nasal Aspirator Vacuum, Medicated Lotion, and more, from Pigeon
    • Link
  • Electronics
    • Foldable Laptop Stand, Mouse, Mousepads, and more, from Elecom
    • Tablets, and accessories, from Wacom
    • Gaming Headset, Gaming Mouse, and more, from Logicool G
    • Link
  • Apparel & Shoes
    • Daniella Crossbody bag, Deluxe Everyday bag, Small Jenni Shoulder bag and more, from LeSportSac
    • Short sleeve T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Tennis Caps and more, from Mizuno
    • Wireless Bras, Camisoles, and more, from Wing/Wacoal
    • Link

And don’t forget that with Amazon Prime (there’s a 30-day trial as well) there’s always the added incentive of free international delivery for eligible items with no minimum spend. Non-Prime customers will enjoy free delivery on eligible items with a minimum spend of $40 (Singapore dollars, not USD), and you can combine items from Amazon US and Amazon Japan in the same basket.