FiiO M11 Plus LTD is FiiO’s first Android 10-based Digital Audio Player

The company's first with Android 10; possibly last of the AK4497EQ DACs.

by Justin Choo

Fiio made its name for bang for buck portable music players, and the FiiO M11 Plus LTD Portable Music Player is the latest in its high-end M11 series.

The M11 Plus LTD features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip and Android 10 with a customised interface, ensuring that performance is smooth and the interaction somewhat familiar. The 18:9 ratio, 5.5″ HD display should feel somewhat familiar in your hands as well.

The Android platform enables access to amenities like support for dark mode, night mode, control gestures, and third-party streaming apps like Apple Music. The M11 Plus LTD supports AirPlay and DLNA streaming as well, along with popular codecs for high-resolution audio such as aptX, AAC, and LDAC.

At its core is a Fourth-gen field-programmable gate array (FPGA) with phase-locked loop tech and two high precision NDK femtosecond crystal oscillators, which serves as the low jitter clock source to improve the accuracy of the digital to audio conversion.

The M11 Plus LTD uses dual THX AAA-78 amps, known for their neutral sound and low distortion. Meanwhile, the out-of-production AK4497EQ DACs are often found in more expensive players, and Fiio is unabashedly hinting that this is possibly your last chance to get a player equipped with these. The M11 Plus supports up to DSD256 (through headphones out) and MQA decoding (8x).

Fiio used a patented modular anti-interference circuit design where each module of the circuit has a shielding cover that reduces interference and improves overall sound quality. Meanwhile, the front low-pass filter, small-signal amplification, and amp expansion circuit are powered independently for a more stable current and improves dynamics.

The M11 Plus also sports many line-out options – 2.5/3.5/4.4/4.4 mm balanced – and can support many high-impedance or high-sensitivity headphones with its high output (588 mW). The high capacity 6,000mAh battery supports fast charging and lasts 11.5 hours of continuous playback. The player has 64GB storage capacity built-in and a microSD slot that supports up to 2TB.

FiiO M11 Plus LTD retails for $1,199 and can be purchased at AV One , Connect-IT, E1 Personal Audio, Headphones.SG, Jaben, Stereo Electronics and Treoo.