Insta360 One RS gets an updated 4K lens and Core module

Good news for current One RS owners; you only have to upgrade the component you want.

by Justin Choo

Interchangeable lens action cameras aren’t a new thing, but Insta360 releasing one makes it more accessible and mainstream.

Not only is the new One RS rugged with IPX8 waterproofing up to five metres, but the camera was also designed with flexibility of use in mind.

Insta360 has updated its cameras system with a new 4K Boost Lens with a 1/2″ 48MP image sensor while a new Core offers better in-camera stabilisation, crisper audio and more.

The ONE RS system uses a three-module design – battery, processor and interchangeable lenses. The new additions are also compatible with older ONE R components so you don’t have to worry about obsolescence (as much).

Updated 4K lens

The 4K Boost Lens is pretty much the go-to lens due to its wide-angle perspective, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of scenarios.

With a new upgraded 1/2″ 48MP image sensor that delivers 4K 60fps videos and 48MP photos, the lens also enables two new modes. Active HDR keeps your video stabilised as you move and minimises ghosting while revealing highlight and shadow details. The other option is 6K Widescreen mode, which takes advantage of the 48MP sensor and crops aggressively in a 2.35:1 ratio while still offering 6K resolution video.

Insta360 offers two other lenses: 5.7K 360 Lens and the 5.3K 1-inch Wide Angle Lens (Leica). The 360 Lens offers the Invisible Selfie Stick effect (selfie stick is stitched out) and 360 reframing (export flat video of favourite angle), while the 1-inch sensor lens co-engineered with Leica offers the best image and video quality of all of Insta360’s lenses.

New ONE RS Core

FlowState Stabilization can now be applied in-camera, so you can now share footage direct from the camera without having to process it in the Insta360 app first. You also have 360 horizon levelling, though you can only enable this on the app or desktop software.

Other updates include:

  • An additional mic, for crisp and true-to-life audio
  • 50% faster Wi-Fi, for easy mobile file transfers
  • An Instant Zoom function, for digitally zooming in up to 2.7x while recording videos
  • A Quick menu, for easy access to preset shooting modes
  • Redesigned Mounting Bracket with a quick-release mechanism to switch lenses on the fly
  • Windproof mic cover
  • Heat-dissipating panel
  • Quick Reader (SD Card Reader)


The standard 4K Edition (Boost Lens) retails for $448. The includes a 360 Lens (on top of the Boost Lens) and is priced for value at $768 while the 1-Inch Edition retails for $768. It’s now available via and authorised Insta360 retailers.