Jabra releases three new True Wireless earbuds for its Elite range

The Elite 7 Pro and Active look impressive, but the it's the basic Elite 3 that might turn out to be a good bargain.

by Justin Choo

The Jabra has introduced its latest updates to the Elite Pro, Active and core lines. New to the table are the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, the Elite 7 Active, and the Elite 3.

The difference between the three is primarily down to your lifestyle. The Pro range is designed with music and calls in mind, the Active is for sports with priority on fit and snugness, while the core Elite is Jabra’s take on a benchmark entry-level True Wireless earbuds.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

The Elite 7 Pro is now Jabra’s smallest earbuds – it’s 16 per cent smaller than the previous ‘champ’, the Elite 75t. Despite its diminutive size, the Elite 7 Pro features Jabra’s MultiSensor Voice technology that the company touts to offer best-in-class call performance.

The name alludes to Jabra’s hybrid approach, which incorporates a Voice Pick-Up (VPU) sensor, four microphones and algorithms, to improve call clarity even in noisy places. The Elite 7 Pro is constantly monitoring for wind noise thanks to its algorithm and the built-in microphones. Once unwanted noise is detected, the earbuds turn on the VPU sensors, which use bone conduction technology to transmit your voice via vibrations in your jawbone. The algorithm then uses both signals to improve the clarity of your voice.

The Elite 7 Pro also features creature comforts like IP57 certification (water and dust resistance), ANC (through another two mics) and HearThrough, along with Jabra MySound tech to personalise the sound profile. It also supports Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant (Android only). Battery life is a rather impressive nine hours with ANC and 35 hours thanks to the charging case. The case also charges the earbuds quickly, and you can squeeze out 1.2 hours of music with just five minutes of charging.

Jabra Elite 7 Active

The key difference between the Elite 7 Active and the Elite 7 Pro is that the Pro gets MultiSensor Voice while the Active gets a design that’s engineered for an active lifestyle. It also sports a wing-free design, the use of silicone rubber, and a ShakeGrip coating to ensure that the earbuds stay snug in your ears at all times. And like the Elite 7 Pro, it also carries an IP57 certification. A microphone mesh has been integrated to reduce the annoying buffeting caused by wind, and like the Elite 7 Pro, it also enjoys the same nine-hour battery life. The charging case has a smaller battery though, and you get up to 26 hours total.

Jabra Elite 3

The ‘base model’ of the Elite series was designed to set a bar for quality in the entry-level range. For some reason, the Jabra Elite 3 is the only one of the three that supports aptX HD, while the other two support AAC (all three support SBC). But we’re not complaining. Although it’s an entry-level true-wireless, it also features all the requisite features people expect for a good experience. The Elite 3 sports a 4-microphone array for calls and HearThrough tech to hear your surroundings when you need to. With seven hours of battery life (28 hours including the charging case), IP55 certification, and support for the various voice assistants like the other two, the Elite 3 seems like a well-thought-out offering. It’s also available in a range of colours – Dark Grey, Navy, Lilac and Light Beige. The only downside is it doesn’t have ANC.

The Elite 3 ($128) will be available from 8 September 2021, while the Elite 7 Pro ($318) and Elite 7 Active ($268) will be available from 15 October 2021.