Karcher VC 4s: Lightweight vacuum makes cleaning effortless

Karcher's new cordless vacuum prioritises ergonomics

by Justin Choo

No, this is not Mercy’s Caduceus staff. This device here is the Karcher VC 4s. They may look somewhat similar, but the main difference is that the VC 4s is supposed to suck.

Caduceus staff no Karcher VC 4s yes

He gets it

The VC 4s is the latest cordless vacuum from the longstanding German company. Karcher designed the VC 4s with ergonomics as its priority, with the idea was that both ease of use and cleaning effectiveness are equally important.

If you find the name or the black-yellow corporate colours familiar, it’s because Karcher makes the distinctive black-yellow industrial vacuums that you’ve probably seen at a shopping mall. They made a name for themselves producing industrial gear, so we’re not going to question their pedigree here.

But not to worry, the VS 4s is so far removed from the image of a behemoth of a machine. No doubt, it’s light – the vacuum weighs a mere 1.25kg. Karcher incorporated a dual hold handle into the body and optimised weight distribution so that it will be comfortable to wield regardless of whether you are vacuuming the floor or the walls.

The 100,000-rpm brushless motors help to generate a respectable 15kpa of pressure, while the battery lasts 30 minutes in normal mode. But you can power up (12 minutes on full speed) or power down (60 minutes in Eco mode) according to the nature of your task. It never goes louder than 79db(A), so it’s gentle on your ears as well.

Karcher VC 4s is lightweight and versatile

Karcher VC 4s is lightweight and versatile

The VC 4s also features other amenities to be expected of a cordless vacuum, including an easy-to-remove waste container as well as easy conversion to a compact car vacuum.

At $498, the Karcher VC 4s is well priced and on par with other cordless vacuums of its class, with its ergonomics and pedigree as key selling points. Because unlike the stick that it resembles, the VC 4s is well-balanced by design.