LUMOS AURO is a 300” display for less than $300

Can a barebones projector be any good? For $299 it’s hard to say no.

by Justin Choo

Let’s get real – you’re never going to get a proper home theatre experience for just $299. But if you want a display that’s yugggge (one last one for the road), local startup LUMOS Projector has the AURO for you at only $299.

The LUMOS AURO runs in 1080p and can throw a display from 30” to 300” with 6000 lumens brightness. Speakers come built-in, and LUMOS claims that they are 60 per cent louder than their peers in the same category. The speakers also support Dolby AC-3, but I suppose your expectations should be more along the lines of convenience rather than a quality experience. Nonetheless, what you have here is a very portable all-in-one short-throw projector that will be suitable for most if not all spaces. You need only a distance of 1.5m to focus, and with 3m you can create a 100” display.

It’s got the essentials

Features-wise, the AURO has all that you need for a simple set up. This includes keystone correction up to +/- 50 degrees, Bluetooth connection so you can use a Bluetooth speaker, as well as MiraCast and Airplay compatibility so you can cast your smartphone and mirror your device without the need for cables.

And if you cough up another $99, it comes with Android OS built-in and runs Netflix and YouTube natively. The smart version also includes digital zoom, a convenient feature that lets you adjust the zoom with a remote rather than physically moving the projector.

Both devices come with a one-year local warranty, and you can get an adjustable projector stand for another $55 (RIZE Adjustable Stand). The AURO seems to be fairly priced, though I think the $299 version should be more than enough for the intended purpose.