is now an interactive 3D property search portal

The "first-of-its-kind" interactive 3D map offers a new way of viewing prospective homes.

by Justin Choo

To help prospective homebuyers better visualise properties on sale, now features 3D maps of properties in Singapore.

Although it is highly unlikely that prospective buyers will forgo the process of viewing the house personally before completing a purchase, having more tools at your disposal certainly can help the decision-making process.

While Google Maps can help you get a sense for the terrain, what Mogul does is incorporate all of the necessary information that you might need into an easy-to-navigate interface, so you don’t have to cycle back and forth between windows of Google searches.

This information includes the relative heights of surrounding buildings, locations of amenities and an overall idea of what the view is like. It’s can also simulate the direction and angle of the sun (and the shadow it casts) at every hour of the day, even taking into account the variances of the sun’s position throughout the year. Mogul says their portal features all completed buildings in Singapore, which numbers over 160,000.

All this is made possible through a partnership with digital mapping company F4, which also counts video game development as part of its repertoire (examples include Empire of Sports, Exalight). The custom interface is based on OpenStreetMaps – not to be confused with the Singapore Land Authority-launched 3D Singapore Sandbox (with GeoWorks) – and rendered in WebGL to produce high-quality vector graphics.

Mogul explains further that the scalable nature of vector graphics enables them to present data in a more granular form while delivering fast loading speeds and a smooth scrolling experience. The company is in the midst of working with developers to incorporate virtual models of new projects onto the maps, so that prospective homebuyers can view realistic models of the work in progress. Examples include Meyer Mansion, Clavon and Midtown Bay, as well as four blocks of upcoming HDB flats at Tengah Gardens.

Due to safe distancing measures, the virtual showroom has gained acceptance as a viable alternative for preliminary viewings. Agents benefit from the ability to showcase multiple projects in a single session and manage time for parties that have a genuine interest. For prospective buyers, they can filter out properties that don’t meet their criteria more easily without having to go down in person.

Mogul says that its solution is “the first of its kind in Singapore and in the region.” Gerald Sim, CEO, and founder of Mogul adds: “We are quite literally putting Singapore onto the world map for developing one of the most advanced 3D maps in the world for a property portal.”