Motorist brings you the fun of winning 4D minus the queuing

Think your license plate number is pretty lucky? Here's your chance to find out for real.

by Justin Choo

Actor Mark Lee will say that lottery odds are in reality 50-50 – you win, or you lose. Fair point, but a less contentious view would be this: the odds are low when you buy the ticket, but zero when you don’t.

Here’s a better proposition: spend no money for the same odds (math geeks please don’t come after me). Motorist is running a 4D Win campaign for its app users, who stand a chance every week to win up to $2,000 cash in a lucky draw, 4D-style.

Motorist will be handing out cash prizes after the 4D results for the Sunday draw are released weekly, until the end of December. If your license plate number coincides with the winning 4D number for the Sunday draw, you stand to win up to $1,000. Only one small caveat – the money is a prize pool and will be split between all winners who share the same winning plate numbers.

To win, your license plate number must be an exact numerical match with the week’s 4D winning number (first prize). If your license plate has less than 4 digits, then it will be preceded by the number 0 until it has four digits – e.g. SAB12X enters the draw as 0012. No winners will be announced if the winning number is 0000. Winners will be notified within three days after the end of every draw via the Motorist app chat feature.

The lucky draw is open to existing Motorist app users and new sign-ups, and all motor vehicles across Categories A, B, C, D and E are eligible to participate. To qualify, ensure that you register your vehicle license plate successfully with the Motorist app and verify that the vehicle owner’s ID matches the registered vehicle. Bear in mind, you have to sign up by 6.29 pm on Sunday to be eligible for the day’s draw.

You can also double your winnings by referring someone to register successfully on the Motorist app. The registration must be done by 6.29 pm every Sunday to be eligible for that current draw. If you do win and have a successful referral, you will double your winnings. In the best-case scenario where you are the sole winner, you can win up to $2,000. It’s all about hope, isn’t it?

For more information or to check out the full terms and conditions, visit the Motorist 4D Win campaign page .