Samsung announces its MICRO LED TVs and a host of other displays

Samsung takes consumer display tech up a notch with its updated offerings.

by Justin Choo

Following up on its CES showcase in January, Samsung has confirmed a lineup of MICRO LED, Neo QLED, lifestyle TVs, monitors, and soundbars that are set to launch soon. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been confirmed in their global announcement. We’ll know more about local availability at a later date.


Previously available only on The Wall, MICRO LED tech is now available for regular purchase.

Previously available only on The Wall, MICRO LED tech is now available for regular purchase. Image: Samsung

The headline act, tech-wise at least, is the consumer range MICRO LED TVs. The tech used to be exclusive to The Wall, a bespoke modular display system that requires professional installation, but by the end of March, they’ll be available for purchase in 99″ and 110″ formats, with an 88″ model scheduled for the latter half of the year and a smaller 76″ format in the works. It’s visually sharp enough that Samsung included a feature called 4Vue, which is essentially fitting four screens on one display – so you can do stuff like watch multiple football games at once. A low-key way of showing off its tech if you ask me.


The new Neo QLED has more gamer-friendly features on top of its Quantum Mini LEDs.

The new Neo QLED has more gamer-friendly features on top of its Quantum Mini LEDs. Image: Samsung

For most of us, the aforementioned TV sizes are a little over the top, but you’ll probably find something more manageable in the Neo QLED range, which features the combination of a Neo Quantum Processor and Quantum Mini LEDs. Quantum Mini LEDs are 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs and have provisions for fine light control. Samsung also touts the series to have the best upscaling tech that they ever designed.

But Samsung is also paying attention to lifestyle trends: firstly Samsung is also positioning the Neo QLED as a gamer-friendly TV: the 4K resolution, 120fps framerate and fairly low 5.8ms sound perfect for console gaming. They are also working with AMD to develop Freesync Premium Pro support for TVs to improve the PC and console gaming experience. Also included are some quality of life enhancements like Game Bar, which is an onscreen status monitor, and Super Ultrawide Gameview, which brings ultrawide ratios to your TV.

They’ve also introduced a new Smart Trainer app to accompany Samsung Health, which was launched in 2020. An optional camera is needed for Smart Trainer, however, but with it, the app can analyse your posture during exercises and provide real-time feedback through AI.

In 2021, Samsung Neo QLED’s 8K models (QN800A and QN900A) will be available in 65’’, 75’’, and 85’’ sizes, while the 4K models (QN90A and QN85A) will reflect an even wider selection, starting at 50’’.


The Frame gets thinner and more picture frame-like.

The Frame gets thinner and more picture frame-like. Image: Samsung

More than most, Samsung has been pushing out lifestyle concepts and that looks set to continue. The Frame gets an update and its 2021 edition is down to just 24.9mm thick and looks even more like a picture frame. It also gets a new Slim Fit Wall Mount for additional style points and My Shelf gives an additional tailored wall option to better match your decor. Meanwhile, new partnerships with NAVA Contemporary and Etsy adds more original artwork to its library, with over 1,400 pieces to display now (you’ll need the Art Store subscription for full access, though), more storage space (6 GB) so you can build a library of personalised art supported by AI suggestions based on your selections.

The Premiere is a 4K-ready, triple laser short-throw projector in a compact package for the home. It needs a minimum of five inches from any wall, and later this year Samsung will release optimised rollable screens to improve the experience. For the outdoors, The Terrace is an IP55-rated TV that is protected from water and dust, and the 75″ version is set to drop in the middle of this year.


The HW-Q950A is an industry-first 11.1.4 channel system.

The HW-Q950A is an industry-first 11.1.4 channel system. Image Samsung

Rounding up the rest of the announcement, the Smart Monitor supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless DeX and AirPlay 2, and has streaming apps built-in, much like a Smart TV. The new curved Odyssey G9 gaming monitor uses features a premium Quantum MiniLED display. Interactive Display FLIP 75″ is a 4K resolution digital whiteboard that supports up to a team of 20 users for simultaneous personal device sync and real-time content sharing.

Last but not least, the HW-Q950A sports Q Symphony tech, which measures its environment to accurate audio placement. The soundbar aims to cover all bases in one convenient package: an industry-first 11.1.4 channel sound array (four speakers firing into the ceiling for surround effect), one-click bass boost, one-tap to play music from mobile devices, and compatibility with multiple voice assistants.