StarHub’s Hub Club Go gives you more discounts for more services subcribed

Very handy if you need mobile plans for the whole family.

by Justin Choo

In the ever-changing meta of mobile plans, StarHub kickstarts its attempt to incentivise the pickup of its SIM-only plans. Hub Club Go is the first loyalty programme in Singapore to extend multi-service discounts to StarHub’s SIM-only customers.

This means that SIM-only users can now enjoy perks such as mobile subscription discounts of up to 30 per cent. Mobile+ SIM Only (5G) users will qualify for the same perks under the Hub Club Go scheme.

Hub Club Go makes it easy for you to manage family plans through a comprehensive, app-based dashboard on the My StarHub app, such as nominating family mobile lines or viewing and assessing their monthly fees and savings.

To qualify, you have to subscribe to three or more qualifying StarHub services. These include mobile lines, broadband subscriptions and TV+. You get a small discount for small families, but larger extended families are where the Hub Club Go comes into its own.

As you might expect, the more lines and plans you have, the greater the discount; for example, you need five lines to enjoy 30 per cent off your mobile subscription, discounts start from 10 per cent per line with 5 per cent more added on with each additional line.

StarHub provided an example to illustrate how the discounts scale: A HomeHub+ customer with a Mobile+ $38 SIM Only plan will instantly become a Hub Club Go member. With 10% off mobile subscription, this customer will enjoy cost savings of close to $4 every month. By nominating four other StarHub Mobile+ $38 SIM Only lines, this customer will get a boost in discounts to 30% – saving a whopping total of $57 monthly.

Also, if you subscribe to HomeHub+, you will receive access to Netflix. A second TV+ pass gives you access to Disney+. Existing Hub Club members will automatically be enrolled into Hub Club Go after signing up for a new service or renewing their current services. You can also request to be upgraded via the My StarHub app. For more details, check out their FAQ for the service .

Naturally, the easiest way to hit all the discount milestones is to have more mobile lines, which is what StarHub is going for here. With this update, StarHub is still a great option for those looking for a ‘family plan’ – not the Fast & Furious kind.