PRISM+ goes full Google TV and adds QLED TVs to lineup

Their entry level TVs now run on Google TV as well.

by Justin Choo

Getting a new TV? You might want to consider the fact that PRISM+ has just refreshed its entire TV lineup. Except for the 32″ model, all of its TVs now run on Google TV, a universally familiar platform. 

They’ve also added The all-new PRISM+ Q-Series Ultra features QLED panels for improved colour vibrancy, brightness, and contrast. Three models: Q55 Ultra, Q65 Ultra and Q75 Ultra. Prism says that the new line is priced “more than 60 per cent less than QLEDs from traditional brands in the same class of TVs.”

The pricing for the new QLED series is pretty rad. | Image: PRISM+

So on top of support for the familiar Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos, the Ultra will support HDR10+ as well for higher brightness levels and better contrast. It also includes Filmmaker Mode to detect and implement settings to present the content as intended by the content creators.

The Q86 is still pretty much one of the cheapest 86-inch TVs you can buy. | Image: PRISM+

The Q86-QE PRO has been retained with the Q-Series revamp and will feature all the bells and whistles of the Q-Series Ultra, minus the QLED panel. 

The entry-level Q-Series will feature four models: the Q32 2023, Q43-QE 2023, Q55-QE 2023, and Q65-QE 2023. All models except the 32” are 4K displays. Having Google TV is certainly far more convenient and adds built-in features like Chromecast so users can easily cast from their devices directly to the TV without hassle, along with parental controls.

Even the budget line gets all the benefit of Google TV. | Image: PRISM+

 With all TVs compatible with Google, the remote control has been updated and feature additional keys like a programmable hotkey, Watchlist (Google TV recommendations), Google TV Dashboard, Google TV Profile and Live TV Guide.


All TVs except Q43-QE 2023 (available for pre-order) are available now. All TVs come with a free 12-month MeWatch subscription and a free 3-month Viu subscription.

  • Q75 Ultra: $1,999 (Launch promo $1,449)
  • Q65 Ultra: $1,599 (Launch promo $1,149)
  • Q55 Ultra: $1,299 (Launch promo $949)
  • Q86-QE PRO 2023: $2,999 (Launch promo $2,599)
  • Q32 2023: $399 (Launch promo $279)
  • Q43-QE 2023: $649 (Launch promo $479)
  • Q55-QE 2023: $879 (Launch promo $649)
  • Q65-QE 2023: $1,099 (Launch promo $899)

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