Shure SE846 Gen 2 sticks (really closely) to a winning formula

Shure-win mantra: If it ain't broke, don't do more than what is necessary.

by Justin Choo

Shure sure took their time in developing the successor to the highly regarded SE846.

Almost 10 years later, the SE846 Gen 2 now features two new colours in addition to Clear–Jade and Graphite. The Graphite and Jade editions feature a two-tone look with designated colour on the exterior shell while the clear inside casing shows off the components.

The two-tone Graphite reveals its interior to the owner only. | Image: Shure

Apart from that, much of it seems mostly the same–the SE846 with extra steps, if you will. The new SE846 pretty much uses the same sound-isolating design and four-driver array, as well as the ground-breaking low-pass filter that delivers a natural deep bass without compromising the mids or highs.

What SE846 Gen 2 brings to the table is an improved high-frequency extension with a more targeted contour in the range between 4kHz and 12kHz, which Shure says improves imaging clarity and adds an “airy” quality to the audio. It does work, and it is certainly a necessary update given the really stiff competition.

SE846 Gen 2 shown with the optional wireless adapters. | Image: Shure

The SE846 Gen 2 will ship with the Extended filter as default, with additional Balanced, Warm, and Bright filter options so users can tweak to taste, along with an expanded sleeve assortment. You can also buy additional wired accessory options or Shure True Wireless Adapters.

Also available now are Shure’s iconic SE215 in purple–a colour chosen by a global vote spanning 60 countries.

Eleven years and still going strong, the SE215 gets a new special colourway–purple. | Image: Shure

The SE846 Gen 2 Sound Isolating Earphones come in three colours (Clear, Jade, and Graphite) and are available online at Shure Shop, Lazada, Shopee and authorised resellers for $1,499. The new Shure Special Edition Purple SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones will be available at Shure Shop, Lazada, Shopee and authorised resellers for $169.

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