Steriluxe debuts the Aurra Pro 2, a smart water purifier

The new range includes a UV steriliser and two air purifiers.

by Justin Choo

Steriluxe makes its debut in Singapore with its flagship product, the Aurra Pro 2 Water Purifier.

The company was borne out of founder Alvin Tan’s needs for his newborn child, which is why the Steriluxe product range is well-suited for parents with young infants and children. For example, the Aire air purifier is designed to be simple to use and more importantly, silent, so that it will not wake up your child, and the Uvee UV steriliser is designed to fit multiple bottles and various items for babies, such as plush toys.

Simple to use, and plenty of options.

But the Aurra Pro 2 is the entry that will be turning heads thanks to its comprehensive features. The water purifier is running tech from Malaysian-based startup, Snaptec Technologies, and aims to revolutionise your household’s relationship with drinking water by making water-based wellness convenient and accessible.

The Aurra Pro 2 features a Quadruple Nanofiltration System that consists of a sediment filter to remove large particles, an activated silver carbon block to remove chemicals and odours, a mineralized to add supplementary minerals, the Disruptor membrane to remove heavy metals, bacteria and viruses, and the Disruptor Post Carbon layer to improve the taste of water. Steriluxe claims this filtration system is the most advanced on the market, providing users with water that is effectively free of impurities.

It also features a UVC module that functions as a mood light, an easy-to-recognise colour indicator for the mode you have activated, and a steriliser for your water.

The Aire ($388) and Aire Mini ($158). Note that the Aire Mini is not battery-powered.

But it’s the Snaptec Connect App and software that takes the Aurra Pro 2 to the next level. Users can create profiles to elevate their hydration experience and track their drinking habits. The app recommends healthier drinking practices according to physical attributes, and users can earn points for achieving their hydration goals, redeeming them for vouchers and discounts with partnering businesses. The app also tracks maintenance accurately according to the amount of water it dispenses, ensuring that you are replacing the filters optimally. From what we understand, Steriluxe is working on a rewards system to incentivise users to drink more water.

Disinfect your toddler’s bottle in the Uvee ($388) and bring it over to the Aurra Pro 2 to prepare formula instantly.

The Aurra Pro 2’s specific temperature function also lets you customise your drinking temperature needs between 45-85°C (in 5°C increments) and in specific amounts. From what we understand, the Snaptec RTX Tankless Heater also makes it possible to deliver a continuous stream of hot water without any limitations or overheating. This function is ideal for brewing tea, making coffee, or even preparing baby formula; everything is preset according to your needs. The temperature preferences can be attached to user profiles, making every use of the Aurra Pro 2 truly personalised.

Prices for the Aurra Pro 2 start from $2,488.

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