ROG Azoth is ASUS’ attempt at a custom keyboard

It's a niche market begging for attention, and ASUS is now in the picture.

by Justin Choo

The ROG Azoth is the first ROG 75% wireless custom gaming keyboard, and it looks like Asus is trying to cater to the needs of gamers who are also custom keyboard enthusiasts.

From the outset, the Azoth checks all the right boxes for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Unlike many gaming keyboards in the market where the mounting plate (for the switches) is integrated into the case, Azoth uses a gasket-mounted plate design featuring 10 silicone gaskets and three layers of foam dampening, coupled with a thick silicone pad which removes all the hollowness associated with plastic keyboards.

Asus provides a glut of accessories and tools so you can try your hand at modding. | Image: Asus

Other modding-centric features include pre-lubed (stems) ROG NX switches, which themselves are hot-swappable with regular Cherry MX switches. Even the stabilisers (for the longer keys) are pre-lubed at the factory, and Asus includes a lube kit consisting of genuine Krytox GPL-205-GD0 lubricant, three additional switches, keycap and switch pullers, a switch opener and a lube rack for switches. The keycaps are doubleshot PBT, which means the keycaps take a long to develop a shine and the legends will not fade.

Will Asus’ ‘best of both worlds’ approach satisfy both sets of users? | Image: Asus

And what the Azoth has that custom mechanical keyboards don’t have are quality-of-life enhancements like a built-in 2-inch OLED panel that can display useful information like CPU temperature or fun custom animation. You can make tweaks and adjustments with a three-way control knob and button. The keyboard also offers both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz RF (ROG SpeedNova) on top of wired mode.

The best part? No one (mostly) cares about Mac users when it comes to gaming, but the Azoth offers a convenient MacOS mode, which remaps the keys for Apple computing devices.

The ROG Azoth will be available in End Jan 2023 with a suggested retail price of $429.

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