YouApp rethinks dating apps with AI-powered celestial predictions

YouApp seeks to engineer serendipity in love as astrology meets algorithm.

by Justin Choo

YouApp is a unique app that goes beyond regular dating apps with a host of additional metrics to define compatibility. Specifically, it uses a combination of Eastern astrological tools, modern personality tests, and your interests to improve your chances of finding a compatible match. Whether or not you believe that the whole stars are aligned bit, you have to admit that, at the very least, it can be a great conversation starter.

This unique, locally developed app uses up to 16 tools, including horoscopes, numerology, Vedic, MBTI, DISC, etc., to determine matches. So what, you say? I can Google this myself if I’m curious. Well, yes and no—you still need a master to interpret results for tools like numerology, and you’d need a lot of time to get through everything. YouApp takes just seconds to do it.

YouApp does this through AI; all you need to provide is your name and birthdate once; for better accuracy, you can provide additional details like the time of birth and geographic location. For those interested in astrology and the like, YouApp offers daily readings, so, at the very least, this is a one-stop shop for all this information, including lucky items. YouApp has over 6,000 users at launch and has been training its AI for over a year to refine its matches. They added that for some readings like Bazi and Numerology, they employ masters to interpret results, which are fed to the algorithm to improve accuracy. 

In essence, it’s like having a celestial council of Cupids, each offering their unique cosmic insights into the glorious mystery (or hot mess, click whatever is applicable) that is you, along with compatibility secrets between potential partners. The app’s genius lies in its ability to all of this astrological knowledge and personality science into a single, swift prediction at your fingertips.

Free users get ten ‘likes’ daily, which they can use on matches. Once two users match up, and if the compatibility score is less than 75, you can start chatting with each other. However, if the compatibility score is 75 and above, one user has to have a premium account before both parties can start chatting. A premium account gives you infinite ‘likes’, the ability to see who liked you, and the ability to chat with anyone, among other things. 

Useful features galore

The app also gives you a convenient way to connect with people in real life—you can send them your QR code over SNS or have them scan it to get things going. Language barrier? Not to worry—the app has a live translator in chat, similar to WeChat. At launch, it supports seven languages, with more to come. 

You can also use the app to match up with people for other reasons. YouApp also defines categories like Professionals (business contacts), Activity Partners (finding hobby buddies, etc.), Travellers (travel buddies), or just friends to hang out with. It allows you to create multiple profiles to show specific personal information for better matches and manage the information you share online.

YouApp requires you to submit NRIC information as an added layer of security. It says this reduces the likelihood of scammers flooding the platform. To further improve security, it will roll out SingPass verification by the end of the year—this is probably the best rubber stamp of legitimacy any app can have.

So, whether you’re looking for love, a travel buddy, or a professional connection, YouApp can be an interesting place to help you find a meaningful match through the help of AI.  Available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.