LG’s new TONE Free T90 is chock-full of tech

How many features can you cramp into earbuds? This one even sterilises itself.

by Justin Choo

When it comes to True Wireless Earbuds (TRS), it’s always good to have more options. And LG has three new TONE Free TRS–T90, T60 and TF8–for 2022.

The new models retain the unique auto-cleaning UVnano charging case, which offers more thorough sterilisation of all parts of the hypoallergenic ear gels to help reduce the risk of skin irritation. Comfort seems to be the watchword here, as the new lineup was also designed in collaboration with South Korea’s POSTECH Ergonomic Design Technology Lab for a more ergonomic fit for long hours of use. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The flagship T90 certainly looks as clean as heck; not even alluding to the self-sanitising feature. | Image: LG 

The flagship of the series, the T90, demonstrates that this is all about the tech. These earbuds have a new internal structure designed around large 11mm graphene drivers for a dynamic, crisp sound with reduced vibrations. The T90 also features Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing from LG’s long-standing partner Meridian Audio, designed to create a fuller and more natural soundstage for immersion, and Perfect Balance technology, to regulate tonal balance at any volume for consistent tonal quality.

There are plenty of firsts here as well. For one, the T90 also features Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking and audio virtualiser so you can either create a full spatial effect or simply enhance the sense of space for regular stereo tracks.

These earbuds are also the first to boast Snapdragon Sound tech, though this also means you need supported devices to enjoy all the benefits. It purportedly supports up to 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio, while providing benefits like robust connectivity, low latency and crisp voice quality.

LG says that the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system uses a Double Step ANC Algorithm that “eradicates unpleasant feedback,” via a new filter with a higher sampling rate and an advanced howling detection algorithm. It also optimises ANC in real-time according to the position of the earbuds in your ear for exemplary performance at all times. The Voice Pickup Unit is also optimised; it detects and minimises ambient noise to improve the speaker’s vocal clarity.

With ANC turned on, the earbuds alone are rated for five hours and 11 hours together with the charging case (up to nine hours and 20 hours respectively without ANC), but that’s fine if you consider the amount of processing going on in the background.

The T90 also has one unique feature in the form of the Plug & Wireless, which is also available on the TF8. With the included USB-C to AUX cable, you can plug into devices like treadmills, radio or in-flight entertainment systems and listen to the content wirelessly. It also supports voice chat, which adds to the convenience.

T60 and TF8

The T60 looks like a capable alternative if all you need is a basic earbuds with the graphene tech. | Image: LG

In essence, the T60 is the ‘essentials’ version of the T90. Most notably, it lacks the Dolby Head Tracking feature, Real-time ANC Optimiser as well as wireless charging and Plug & Wireless. It also costs $100 less, so I think this might be reason enough to opt for just the core experience.

On the other hand, the TF8 is an entirely different beast altogether. 

The more pronounced support arches on the TF8 are supposed to grip better. | Image: LG

Designed for the active lifestyle user, it uses what LG calls SwivelGrip technology to keep the earbuds snug in the ear regardless of the activity and the lightweight design helps promotes air circulation. It also has a tougher, IP67 rating, so it stands up to rain, sweat and dust. It also has the Meridian HSP tech and slightly longer battery life (6 hours with ANC on). 

The downside is that it doesn’t have the graphene diaphragms, Whisper mode and only a basic ANC system, but to be fair, workouts are hardly the time that you will pay attention to these nuances anyway.


The 2022 LG TONE Free T90 ($329), T60 ($229) and TF8 ($299) are now available at LG official brand stores on KrisShopLazadaShopee, as well as authorised retailers and distributors, including Audio House, Best Denki, ConnectIT, COURTS, Gain City, Goh Joo Hin, Harvey Norman, iStudio, Mega Discount Store, Parisilk, Stereo Electronics, Sprint-Cass and X Gear.

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