Razer Kishi V2 gets a Virtual Controller Mode

Bummed that your favourite mobile game doesn't support a gamepad? Well, sulk no more.

by Justin Choo

Razer Kishi owners–sorry, Android owners only–you’re in for an unexpected treat.

Razer announced a major update to their Razer Nexus software and Kishi V2 for Android controller firmware, enabling a new Virtual Controller Mode.

Just for context, not all mobile games offer controller support, and often, it’s a matter of buyer beware; you have to do your due diligence. One can argue that mobile games aren’t always designed with a gamepad in mind and developers aren’t obligated to provide controller support (let’s face it, not everyone is willing to shore up extra cash for a controller). Yet at the same time, it would be nice if users get to decide for themselves.

Virtual Controller Mode is a next-level workaround to a first-world problem. Image: Razer

But that doesn’t matter now. If Virtual Controller Mode works as advertised, then Android users can now utilise their Kishi V2 controller to play mobile games with on-screen controls, using a novel combination of hardware in the Kishi V2 controller and software in the Razer Nexus app to achieve this, effectively bringing the console experience to your game. No more constantly checking social media to see if the developers are going to drop an update to introduce controller support (probably won’t).

The Virtual Controller Mode will be available from today as a free update via the Razer Nexus app. If you’re a Razer Edge user–not to worry–this mode will be rolling out to you sometime in Q1 this year.

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