Want more Zach Snyder stuff? Army of the Dead drops today

Still not sick of zombie flicks yet? Here's one more for you.

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Ask the director of 300 to make an against all odds zombie flick and what do you get? Image: Netflix

The premise for the Army of the Dead is simple, and thankfully, it’s not like it’s trying to be anything different. There’s a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, and what better time to pull off a heist? Former war hero and zombie-killing expert Scott Ward (Bautista) gets an offer to pull off an unlikely heist.

With an epic score of $200 million and a $50 million reward dangling in front of his eyes, our protagonist puts together a team to make the ultimate Hail Mary gamble – venturing deep into the quarantine zone filled with zombies. It would be a walk in the park for a seasoned vet, except that these aren’t your usual run of the mill riff-raff. They’re smarter, more organised, and way quicker than they need to be. It’d be kind of like playing Resident Evil Mercenaries mode where every opponent is twice as quick, and there are a lot more of them.

And because Zack Snyder is to human movement what Michael Bay is to explosions, we can expect plenty of physically driven, over-the-top action. Given the against all odds (and numbers) nature of the plot, this could well be 300 revisited with Zombies – and in Vegas, baby. With a happier ending, perhaps? Or will they go out with a bang? Either way, go big or go home. Army of the Dead is out now on Netflix.

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